Mandatory Seat Belt Laws Violate Personal Liberty

Published: 2021-09-14 22:25:10
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Indeed one of the main reasons for deaths in a car accident is because some persons do not wear a seat belt. The seat belt help the people to feel the impact of the crash but moderately. According to recent studies, the highest percentage of surviving a car accident is when we wearing the seat belt. However, there are people who believe that seat belt law violates personal’s rights. In the same order, some individual finds the seat belt very uncomfortable.
In the article “Mandatory seat belt laws violate personal liberty”, the author specifically talks of the various points of views to have people about wearing seat belt. In addition, how a simple law created a controversy with the government. Particularly, I believe the seat belts give us a sense of security. Therefore, I agree with everybody who chooses to wear seat belts for their own safety. The principal propose to wear seat belt is protection. The peoples who wear seat belt have more possibility to survive of a car accident. So, why be against of this law?
Everyone knows how important security is when it comes to caring for our families and friends. Wearing seat belt when we driving are reduces the chances of injury them. Although, some peoples think this is a wonderful law and others think otherwise. There are persons think to wear seat belt is uncomfortable because it will enable them to have free movement inside the car and other because it cause irritations. However, think about it, should a government to change the laws of protection to make people feel good and not to go against personal’s rights.
It does not have sense for me think that some peoples prefer to be comfortable and not to be secure. On the other hand, in my opinion this laws is not about freedom or personal’s rights or violation, is about us safety. I strongly agree with the government cares about our security. Especially for pregnant women and children, imagine as a seat belt saves two lives at the same time in a car accident like a pregnant women or imagine as a child is saved from being expelled into the front glass of the car because he/she had his/her seat belt this is amazing .
Therefore, I do not think the governments are morally wrong and take away our freedom I am totally of wearing seat belt is good thing and is part of driving safety. In conclusion, I believe the best way to end the disagreement using the seat belt is the government seek more information about auto accidents in recent years and see how the seat belt influenced the lives saved. Therefore, making these inquiries more people will be informed and their will realize how important it is to wear a seat belt.

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