Lord of the Flies

Published: 2021-08-21 17:25:07
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This sentence caught my concentration when reading chapter four. It shows that without people they know and love around they are satisfied with strangers. These are little kids who need their moms or someone they care about to keep them calm and help them feel safe. When they are trapped in an island full of strangers and terrified they are okay with huddling with each other. This is interesting because us as humans need each other to have comfort. Page 69: “Hasn’t anyone got any sense?
We’ve got to relight the fire. You never thought of that, Jack did you? Or don’t any of you want to be rescued? ” Ralph said this and this was when I knew these two were just going to split up into two groups. I found it interesting how Ralph wanted to keep that fire on to be rescued but the other thought there were things more important to do. The other cared too much about hunting and finding the beast when they should also be trying to be saved. Ralph knew without the smoke from the fire they couldn’t be rescued so I liked it when he would take a stand. This quote showed what Ralph cared about the most.
Page 75: “’You’ll get back to where you came from. ’ Simon nodded as he spoke. ” This showed what a faithful heart Simon has and how he believes so much that everything would be okay. Simon was always the one on Ralph’s side and just a good friend. I really liked how he comforted Ralph when Ralph lost hope. I think that Simon’s words helped Ralph to keep on trying to make the island civilized. This is something I would say because I am a very faithful person. Page 109: “We shall take fire from the others. Listen. Tomorrow we’ll hunt and get meat. Tonight I’ll go along with two hunters—Who’ll come?
This is engaging because Jack is pretty much starting war. He is going completely crazy and wants to steal the other’s things. He could just go ask for the specs to make fire but he has to go and take them. I understand because he is an unintelligent savage with no common sense. This is when I started to just completely hate Jack and the other boys helping him. Page 122: “You’re a beast and a swine and a bloody bloody thief! ’ When Ralph said this I immediately got excited because I knew things were about to get juicy. He finally exploded and told Jack what he thought of jack.
Jack did way too many awful things to Ralph and now Ralph is speaking up more than before. I imagine Ralph using the same tone that jack normally uses so he can get on Jack’s level. After this it was predictable that the fight would get crazy and Jack would try to kill Ralph. Reading Reflection Journal 08/08/12 Page 31: This book is very attention grabbing but it sure has me thinking a lot. One thing I still don’t comprehend is how they weren’t together if they all crashed in the same plane. I also don’t understand why they were attacked, it might have been during a war but the book doesn’t make it clear.
The rest of the book was fairly easy to understand. I like it how they had the meeting in the beginning and chose a leader. One thing I feel is a challenge for them is that they are too young to handle the job of starting a life on an island. I wonder what the characters truly represent and how they will change. They can’t really follow rules and stay focused in order to do everything that needs to be done. If I were the main character, Ralph, I would put my foot down and act like a leader. He needs to take charge or else Jack will take over the job of bossing everyone around, which is what I think is happening at this point.
I really don’t like the way they treat Piggy, it makes me sad to see someone who wants everything to be okay but no one ever listens to him. I can relate to Piggy because I as well try to speak my mind and show people what they are doing is incorrect but because of my age and appearance they think I am irrelevant. 08/10/12 Page: 63 Jack and his hunters are very unintelligent for the reason that they are way too focused on catching the pig. They should’ve had someone watching the fire when that ship passed by. I feel that Ralph wouldn’t be so mad at Jack if this were Jack’s first time screwing up.
All of Jack’s disagreement with Ralph before this point made Ralph even madder. I just feel that soon the island will split up between Jack and his hunters and Ralph and the other. Jack is very bossy so he is also trying way too hard to be a higher authority than Ralph. I love the idea that this book gives of children trying to survive and it seems as if it’s just not going to work out very well. I also found very fascinating that Simon went into the woods alone to get away from chaos, which is something I would’ve done as well. I have now reached the part in the book where I just can’t stop reading.
I am starting to like it more with all the action and drama happening. I like it how the children are now used to life in the island but that can also be a bad thing, they are too comfortable. Jack and his hunters made me mad especially since they were happy about the pig, even the other ware happy except for Ralph, Simon, and Piggy. I would’ve been disappointed in myself if I was Jack and not mad at Ralph for getting upset. Things in the island are getting crazy and out of control and I think that they just need to be a little more mature.
Ralph did what I would do as well which is call them into a meeting and point out what they are all doing wrong. I think the rest should’ve listened and change their ways but I don’t they will. Jack finally did something right by comforting the littluns through telling them if there is a beast he will hunt it down. I don’t think this will keep them calm for long but at least it gives them some temporary happiness. It seems as if Jack, Simon and Piggy are the only ones who are trying to leave the island while the others are being foolish. 08/12/12 Page 84 The book is becoming clearer to me now and I realize that there is a war going on.
I don’t understand why Ralph didn’t go see if the fire was on so the jets could spot it since he always freaks out about the fire. I hate it how Sam and Eric are slow enough to think a shadow is the monster, and how the other believes the same. I love that the Author added this parachute to scare them because it just makes it more interesting. Now if it was I who was encountering this shadow would be much more intelligent about it and see that it is just a shadow. I just detest it that they are over reacting and seeing things that are not there. The boys then did what I would’ve done by no which is look for the beast.
When they were looking in the cave and walking around the island I appreciated how they had some fun and acted like kids. I think that even though they need to worry they are just kids and should have some fun. I wonder if there is a point between Jack’s ideas and Ralph’s idea because in my opinion that would be the best way for them to live in the island. Now that some of the boys went back to the shelter and some stayed looking for the beast in the dark I am terrified that something terrible can happen. I know the beast isn’t real but they can still get hurt; if I were there I would wait to hunt more the next day. /15/12 Page: 114 This book just keeps getting better and just pulling me in more and more. I don’t like it how childish Jack is being. I don’t think he should leave the boys just because there are rules. I think the ones who went with jack are stupid for leaving because I in my opinion it will harm their chances of being saved. I wondered if there would be a kind of war between the two sides and I was right. They should not be worshiping Jack if he isn’t even treating them correctly. I liked the twist when Simon found the sow’s head when looking for the peaceful place he liked going to so he could to just relax.
I loved when the head told him the beast was within them because I fully agree. They are scaring themselves and are doing horrific things with their inner beast. I really don’t understand how they didn’t recognize it was Simon coming out of the woods. It was wrong of them to beat Simon like that into his awful death. They shouldn’t have killed him because Simon would’ve stopped them from being frightened of the beast. It was a sad turn in the book because I could relate to Simon, being peaceful and peaceful. I was so happy to see Ralph was sad about Simon’s death because unfortunately no one else seemed to care.
I just feel like the other boys are stupid for believing Jack’s story about the monster shaping himself into Simon. I hated the part when they attacked Ralph’s side because it was so sad and unpleasant to read. The boys are rude and have no common knowledge because obviously they could’ve asked for the glasses to make a fire. I wonder if they realize that the beast lies within them. 12/117/12 Page: 139 I loved the book’s ending even though it was very sad and unexpected. I was so sad when Piggy died because he was the only truly innocent person on the island and he was too miserable and humiliated before being killed.
I thought Ralph would die in the end but I am really glad he did not. I loved Ralph’s character because he never went to the enemy’s side no matter how much he had to suffer, which I would do as well. This part of the book is very believable because it is like humans to do such horrific things to each other. This section made me think about what was going through the savage children’s minds. They must’ve been terrible human beings to make Ralph and the other go through such torture. I wish they would’ve all had been saved but I guess the book wouldn’t had been as interesting.
I really do not like how the Officer treated them, he should’ve just been happy to find them. The things said at the end were just very interesting. This book had so many twists and turns and shows that maybe children shouldn’t be alone in an island without adults. Final response This book was just a great and enjoyable read and I truthfully liked it. I just loved how the characters all had different ideas of what they should be doing on the island or had different roles in the island. I liked that the book shows the war of savagery and civilization that can happen when a group of kids are stuck in a stranded island.
It showed what chaos just children could make just by being stranded without adults to tell them what to do. It was a believable book even with the extreme things that happened. I didn’t like how they didn’t follow the rules from the beginning but I guess that is what made the fight between the two sides start. It truly upset me how careless Jack was about others and how he just wanted to be king and for everyone else to suffer. He treated Piggy and Ralph and everyone like trash and he is just not a moral person. When the ship passed by and the fire was out my hatred for Jack just grew even more.
What I think was happening was that Jack just wanted to have too much fun. Ralph was a great and just person but Simon was the character who I liked the most. He did not really follow either side and was just to himself but I think that is why he died. If I were Simon I wouldn’t had gone into the woods alone. I liked the way the author sent the message to Simon from the lord of the flies and then got rid of Simon from the story. It was interesting that the book was not full of happiness and it was just very realistic. Stories aren’t always happy, even if kids are involved, and this book is a great example of that.
I also really enjoyed his love for the peaceful place in the woods where he would go to just relax and be away from everyone. I also enjoy having time to myself to just enjoy the good things around me. One thing I loved about this book was the beast and the significance of the beast. At first I thought it might be just an animal trying to scare the kids and they are over reacting. I then realized it was real when I reached the part where it talked about the parachute. At last the sow’s head explained the meaning of it and it just caught my attention. The perception of the beast being in all of us really fascinated me.
It is hard to admit but we do all have a scary and evil beast inside of us that makes us want and feel the need to do things we shouldn’t. I can absolutely relate to having that within me and it is somewhat terrifying to believe. The ending was fairly happy but still very out of the ordinary. I found it weird that the pilot cared so much about what the kids did in the island rather than just being happy to find them. The pilot shouldn’t be criticizing the kids for doing suck horrific things on the island if they are just kids. I would’ve been upset at the pilot if I was Ralph or one of the others.
I hope that after being recued the boys were all right and everything was okay. Significant Language Devices in the Novel 1. “The passionate noise of agreement noise of agreement from the assembly hit him like a wave and he lost his thread. ”(P. 24) -The language device in this sentence is a simile. -This simile shows that when Ralph said “We want to have fun. And we want to be rescued”(p. 24) that the others agreed and the noises of agreement sounded like a wave was coming towards Ralph. This makes the text seem like they all agreed and so they all made the same sound. 2. Strange things happened at midday. The glittering sea rose up, moved apart in planes of blatant impossibility; the coral reef and the few stunned palms that clung to the more elevated parts would float up into the sky, would quiver, be plucked apart, run like raindrops on a wire or be prepared as in an odd succession of mirrors”(P39) -This is an example of the use of Imagery. -This selection from the passage explains thoroughly what the weird things happening on the middle of the days looked like. It helps the reader create an image of these crazy images the boys see around the island. 3. A silver of moon rose over the horizon, hardly large enough to make a path of light even when it sat down on the water”(P64) -This uses personification. -With the use of irony the writer makes the moon seem like it has the human capability of sitting down on an object. It helps the reader understand that the moon is touching the horizon if the sea but it isn’t bright enough to make a path of light reflecting on the water that reaches the island. 4. “Ralph came to the surface and squirted a jet of water at him”(P99) -This is a metaphor. -It compares the amount of water Ralph squirted to a jet of water, which means he squirted a lot.
This helps the reader understand that Ralph did not just squirt a small amount of water. 5. “Then the sea breathed again in a long, slow sigh, the water boiled white and pink over the rock; and when it went, sucking back again, the body of piggy was gone”(P124) -This sentence has the use of personification. -By stating that the sea took a deep breath it indicates to the reader that the sound of the sea and the slow motion of it is like the breath of a human. It gets the reader thinking of how the wave slowly came and slowing “breathed in” Piggy’s body.

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