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Published: 2021-07-12 20:50:05
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The purpose of this assignment is to identify and describe my personal, professional and academic goal, apply the Smart Goal process and explain each component, create how I will predict success in achieving my goals based on my past positive experiences, and my personality as it relates to being an online student. Obtaining my BA in Complimentary and Alternate Health while, attending Ashford University online will most definitely help with achieving my long-term academic, personal and professional goals.
My Goals and SMART Goals Creating a game plan for success can be challenging, however after evaluating my future, building on past positive experiences, I need to determine what I need, to reach my long-term goal which is to become a Registered Dietician by the age of 48. By starting with my BA in Complimentary and Alternate Health I can achieve my short-term goal. This is a four year degree program that requires 120 credits to complete the Degree program.
In the past, I attended school while being a full time mom and employee. I worked long hours and attend school at night; I was able to complete college with an Associate Degree in Business Office Technology. This is an example of setting SMART goals. After completing my degree program online at Ashford University I plan to continue with online classes at Auburn University. My long-term goal is to achieve my Master of Science with an emphasis in Nutrition Science.
These goals will take hard work and commitment but they are realistic as well as achievable. Accountability and Countering Challenges Accomplishing these goals will take accountability, which starts with me. I am responsible for my success so I must have a plan that includes; overcoming obstacles that might have a negative impact on me being successful in school, I must set expectations for myself and meet them.

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