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The scientific community rejected the theory of plate tectonics because Alfred Wegener could NOT A. identify a mechanism to move the continents. B. disprove competing theories that were not accepted by scientists. C. find geologic similarities on the different continents. D. provide evidence that the continents were once joined together. Answer Key: A Question 3 of 22 5. 0/ 5. 0 Points In the 1950s, Harry Hess interpreted this paleomagnetic data of newly formed oceanic crust. He proposed that while new oceanic crust was being formed at the summit of the oceanic ridges, the adjacent oceanic crust was moving laterally away from the ridge.
What is this process called? A. deep-sea trench B. oceanic crust C. seafloor spreading D. hot spots Answer Key: C Question 4 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points With the advent of plate tectonics, it was discovered that new oceanic lithosphere is being created at what location? A. seafloor spreading B. deep-sea trenches C. oceanic ridges D. continental crust Answer Key: C Question 5 of 22 5. 0/ 5. 0 Points A geologist by the name of Edward Suess not only noted that the continents fit together but also discovered a fossil that was identical in South America, Africa, and Australia. What type of fossil is it? A. palm B. seed fern C. redwood tree D.
maple tree Answer Key: B Question 6 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points In the early 1800s, geologist Edward Suess suggested that all the southern continents, including Antarctica, had once been joined into one large continent. What name did Suess call the one continent? A. Pangaea B. Megacontinent C. Gondwanaland D. Laurasia Answer Key: C Question 7 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points Alfred Wegener’s own drawings show that all of the continents fit together in a jigsaw-like form. What two continents did Alfred Wegener proposed to “fit together” like a jigsaw puzzle? A. Africa and North America B. South America and North America C. South America and Africa D.
Eurasia and Africa Answer Key: C Question 8 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points Wegener proposed that North America and Eurasia had also once been joined into one large continent called A. Megacontinent B. Gondwanaland C. Laurasia D. Rodinia Answer Key: C Question 9 of 22 5. 0/ 5. 0 Points How many millions of years ago did Wegener propose that Pangaea began to break up and drift across the oceans? A. 100 million years B. 150 million years C. 200 million years D. 250 million years Answer Key: C Question 10 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points In what century did we have new data provided by developing technologies to consider that continents could be on the move?
A. the eighteenth century B. the nineteenth century C. the twentieth century D. the twenty-first century Answer Key: C Question 11 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points As molten basalt cools, one of the minerals that forms is ______________, a black magnetic mineral. A. basalt B. magnetite C. silver D. aluminum Answer Key: B Question 12 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points Which scientist’s study of the magnetism of lava flows in Japan resulted in the discovery that Earth’s magnetic field appears to have undergone reversals over time— that is, north and south magnetic poles have switched their locations? A. Alfred Wegener B. Motonori Matuyama C.
Arthur Holmes D. Harry Hess Answer Key: B Question 13 of 22 5. 0/ 5. 0 Points Since the original discovery of magnetic reversals, scientists have shown that these reversals have occurred over the past 10 million years at an average rate of 4 to 5 reversals per million years. The last such reversal occurred about how many years ago? A. 680,000 years B. 780,000 years C. 880,000 years D. 980,000 years Answer Key: B Question 14 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points What is the typical rate of seafloor spreading? A. 1 to 5 centimeters per year B. 6 to 10 centimeters per year C. 11 to 15 centimeters per year D. 16 to 20 centimeters per year
Answer Key: A Question 15 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points If new crust is indeed being produced at the rifts, where does the additional older crust go? A. It is lost through subduction. B. It becomes oceanic crust. C. It becomes continental crust. D. It is lost through seafloor spreading. Answer Key: A Question 16 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points Most of Earth’s volcanoes are located in the _______________ around the Pacific Rim just beyond the oceanic trenches, where magma, which is less dense than the surrounding rock, rises to the surface and erupts. A. Ring of Ice B. Ring of Water C. Ring of Fire D. Ring of Soil Answer Key: C Question 17 of 22
4. 0/ 4. 0 Points Stretching forces generated in the lithosphere immediately above the rising portion of a convection cell result in rifting of the lithosphere and ultimate formation of what type of plate boundary? A. convergent B. transform C. divergent D. hot spot Answer Key: C Question 18 of 22 4. 0/ 4. 0 Points Pushing forces generated in the lithosphere above the adjacent downgoing portion of the convection cell result in the formation of a deep-sea trench that eventually develops into what type of plate boundary? A. convergent B. transform C. divergent D. hot spot Answer Key: A Question 19 of 22 6. 0/ 6. 0 Points
Questions 19-22 are referring to Figure 2. 17 in your lab book. What type of boundary is at point labeled “A”. convergent plate boundary Answer Key: con*|con* p* b* Question 20 of 22 6. 0/ 6. 0 Points When an ocean plate converges with another plate, what is created on the seafloor at the line of convergence? trench Answer Key: tren*|dee* Question 21 of 22 6. 0/ 6. 0 Points What sort of plate boundary is at the point labeled “B”? It is a _________ plate boundary. divergent Answer Key: div* Question 22 of 22 6. 0/ 6. 0 Points What process is occurring at the points labeled “C” and “D”? One word, a subduction zone. Answer Key: sub*

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