Life Is Full of Fake People and Everyone Is Not Being Real

Published: 2021-10-07 13:15:13
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“Life is full of Fake People, and everyone is not being real” My classmates and I were assigned by our professor to write an essay about a certain topic entitled “Life is full of Fake People, and everyone is not being real. ” A lot of ideas were playing inside my head but I don’t know how to commence. I remember instantly my experience about fake friends; I can pretty much say that I grew up with a bunch of fake people. I have so many in my community and it isn’t even funny. Not to mention the friends that I’ve had growing up over the years. I want to tell a tale of a so called “best friend” I had growing up.
At the end of fifth grade I had made a few friends, but this one guy that was with us kept staring at me. He didn’t speak often, but I would catch a glimpse of him eying me a lot and it creep me out at first. This went on for about a week until I broke the ice. Pretty much afterwards we became fast friends and I found myself hanging out with him more than all the other people. We grew very close as the days and months went by, but it didn’t take very long for me to realize something about him. When other people were around us he would give me this look…
I don’t know how to explain it, but every time someone else we knew came around, he would distance himself from me. He would speak less and not stand close to me, it was odd but I let it slide. As even more time went by we found ourselves in a what you would like to call “clique”. There were four of us then six, Our group was growing, but little did I know things were only about to get worse. Like any boy group things start to happen, if two of the boys were fighting then they group would separate and it becomes a he say she say. Well all the he say she say came all back on me.
For some reason all the boys would be angry with me when I came around, would give me the cold shoulder or just laugh and snicker when I came around. I never knew why until I started to study my “friend” he would always have a look of guilt on his face and would never look me in the eye. The more I studied him the worse it gotten until one day all the boys were at my door. I answered and the whole group told me to come outside. They all had this strange look on their face, so it made me question their motives, but what really got me was the look on his face once again, that’s what I knew what was going on. Come outside we would like to have a word with you” One of the boys said. That’s when they started glaring at me. I knew I was being set up and he was the cause of it. I didn’t go outside that day and I’m glad I didn’t, because they were going to lure me outside somewhere in the back of our house to gang me. I was told this by a boy who wasn’t my friend, but was there when the plan was made. “John told everyone that you had been talking about them behind their backs and now everyone is trying to fight you. ” He said. John was my friends name if you’re wondering.

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