Liberty University the Significance of the Calling of Paul the Apostle Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2021-08-06 21:05:07
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Hedrick, Charles W. “Paul’s Conversion/Call: A Comparative Analysis of the Three Reports in Acts. ” Journal of Biblical Literature 100, no. 3 (S 1981): 415–432. C. Hedrick talks about the miracle of Paul’s conversion. He compares and contrasts the three accounts and determines the story of Paul as Luke saw it. The only way to truly understand, he says, is to compare all three accounts side by side. McDonough, Sean M. “Small Change: Saul to Paul, Again. ” Journal of Biblical Literature 125, no. 2 (Sum 2006): 390–391.
S. McDonough talks about the name change of Saul. He discusses the negative view behind Saul’s name and mulls over why the name change was significant. McDonough also touches on the introduction of Saul into the New Testament. Meyer, Wendel W. “The Conversion of St. Paul. ” Anglican Theological Review 85, no. 1 (Winter 2003): 13–17. “One of the most potent influences in the process of Paul’s conversion,” Meyer says, “arose from his indefatigable efforts to create and sustain communities of faith. ” In this paper, W.
Meyer talks about the importance of Paul’s faith and why his conversion matters so much. He focuses on what happened on the road to Damascus and what impact it had on Paul. Ralston, Timothy J. “The Theological Significance of Paul’s Conversion. ” Bibliotheca Sacra 147, no. 586 (Ap–Je 1990): 198–215. T. Ralston talks about the Damascus Road as the catalyst in Saul’s life. He compares the accounts of Luke and Paul himself in seeking the answers to the importance of Saul’s conversion and why such a man would change so radically.
Witherup, Ronald D. “Functional Redundancy in the Acts of the Apostles: A Case Study. ” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 48 (D 1992): 67-86. R. Witherup covers the three part story of Paul’s conversion, much like Charles Hedrick did in his comparative analysis. He has used the idea of “functional redundancy” as a way to show the importance of Paul’s conversion and his life. Redundancy matters. Repetition is used to help the human brain recognize and memorize things of utmost importance.

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