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Published: 2021-06-21 03:10:05
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I am senior student of bachelor of computer engineering at Sepahan institute of higher education and I want to continue my study in telecommunications engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. here are my reasons for this choice. I always tried to do my best to follow and understand the evolving and growing line of technology which is going as fast as it can, so I chose Computer Engineering for my bachelor degree and every class was a great opportunity for me to learn something new and helpful but for my master degree.
I wanted to go deeper in the field of computer networks and telecommunications which is my passion and my goal is to learn more and more and to put my learnings and knowledge finally in the field.one of my favorite company that I want to be part of is Cisco which is the best network company out there. And my reasons for choosing Italy are that this will be a great and life changing opportunity for me to visit another countries and get familiar with other cultures and traditions and the important part is that Italy is a great developed and technological country which provides me with such a professional environment for me to grow my skills and be an expert in my field.
The important part of studying abroad is to choose the best university in a country.so I did a lot of research about university rankings and the programs they offer and even asked a lot of the students who chose polimi for their destination. And with all that in mind and some other factors such as the faculty I chose polimi to continue my study in master.
With all that and my knowledge of my self and my education and skill background I know I can be a great candidate for admission.and I hope I could get everything possible to learn from this program.

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