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Published: 2021-07-03 13:50:05
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To gain more knowledge, skills, techniques and appropriate attitude. To enhance my communication skills in interacting with the patient. Specific objectives: To enhance rapport with the patient. To enhance myself confidence in dealing with the patient. To put experience all the things that I learned from school. LEARNING FEEDBACK DIARY Within the exposure of 4 days I learned discovered a lot of new things. I learned that it is very important as a S.
N to communicate information about client accurately, timely and ineffective manner because in this way client is to find out what is central to their concerns and to gather baseline data client health. I learned that it is also important for a group to have cooperation in them so that the entire assigned task to them will be done and finish easily. Self confidence is one characteristic that must S. N possess to gain the trust and respect of the client. One of the things must the S.
N to do after and in monitoring v/s is to educate patient to empower them and usually enables them to achieve higher level of wellness or to manage their health needs. We did health teaching about new born screening to our patient because some they do not know the benefits of the new born screening. We gave some examples how to prevent the diseases that they may acquire. On the last day of our duty we did return demonstration in IV insertion and its quite exciting and tense. Lastly I would like to thank our C.
I for being there and guiding us, even though the other staff nurse are not kind and they are not practicing the right total patient care to the patient they are handling, and sometimes they make us nervous and as if they S. N do not know we are in the ward but they are the one who are not doing their job accurately and they just guess the v/s of the patient. Sometimes they got mad with us and always say to put boundaries with us and not to be friends with the S. N. Thanks and more power.

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