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Published: 2021-07-06 08:45:04
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A computer is an electronic device to perform a set of arithmetic or logical operations with a given set of instructions. Computers play a crucial role in our daily life. Now-a-days, as the technology increases day by day, computers are classified into two types, namely, desktop computer and laptop computer. The similarities and differences of a desktop computer and a laptop computer are to be discussed. Firstly, cost. Desktop computers are cost efficient. There is wide range of desktop computers, but the least configured computer is relatively cheap. For example, desktop with RAM 4 GB, Hard disk 500 GB start as low as $300.
There is a large range of laptop computers, but the best configured laptop can be relatively higher. For example, a powerful laptop with higher speed, RAM, Hard disk start around $600 or more, depending on the brand. Secondly, size. Desktop computers are large in size which consists of a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and a CPU. These are united together to use. A desktop isn’t movable easily. They are designed to use in a single location. For example, we can’t carry a desktop to the restaurant and theater. Components of a laptop are connected into a single device.
They are around 11” to 18” in size and can be carried easily in a backpack. Laptops are portable due to its size. For example, we can carry a laptop to the restaurant, the theater and in the car while we travel. Thirdly, the space required to access. Desktop requires more space to set up. For accessing the desktop, we need to stick to a particular place for access. For example, a desktop cannot be used on the bed with respect to our seating position. We need to sit in a chair to access. Laptop can be used from anywhere in any manner. For example, laptop can be used on the bed, in the restaurant, in the car.
Fourthly, ease in upgrading the device. Most components in a desktop are easily removable which makes easier to upgrade. The case of desktop is relatively big which makes our work easy while upgrading. RAM/Hard drive is only the component that can be upgraded in a laptop. All the other components are built-in. Fifthly, repair and spare parts. Desktop computers can be repaired easily as all the spare parts are available in most of the computer retail stores. For example, if there is a malfunction is keyboard keys we can easily replace with another by visiting a computer retail store.
Finding a replacement part for laptop is difficult, as it can be ordered only in manufacturer’s online website. For example, to purchase a new battery we should visit the manufacturer’s online site and order. Both the electronic devices have advantages but if portability is a very big need of yours, best option is laptop. There are some limitations when compared to desktop computers but it is significant for most of the users. Desktop are for intensive online gaming, who just needs email access and for AUTOCAD applications.

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