Kanye West, leader of the zeitgeist

Published: 2021-06-17 21:20:04
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Kanye west is a man of many talents. He is a musician, songwriter, record producer, film director, and fashion designer. West suggests that his music is more advanced than any other of our time. He’s going to raise above our culture limitations and revolutionize the bar for good rap music. But should Kanye West be the leader of the zeitgeist? Yes Kanye should be the leader of the zeitgeist because he captures the zeitgeist of the modern male, he is larger than life in an endearing human way, and he lives by his own morals. Kanye is shaping the way male in his generation dresses.
In his XXL article multiple Grammy winner Kanye West says “I even do the ultimate ta boo of hip-hop and actually wear my pants on my waist”. West image has gone against what hip-hop traditionally considers normal, and he has influenced a lot of what define the normal male look. Kanye also has good taste. The clothes he wear are what male of this generation think are fashionable. Kanye said ‘’ my biggest goal is to be anchored in taste and beauty; He had done bad things but he will start to apply good taste. ” He is strinving to be the best at what he does.
Kanye will continue to change people’s view of hip- hop and he will continue to define the modern day male. Changing the look of modern male isn’t all West is good at doing. He is good at seeing himself as bigger than life and making people believes that he is. At the VMA in 2009, when West interrupted Taylor Swift and said “Beyonce had the best record of the year she should have won. ”This was yet another episode on a growing list of outrageous self aggrandizing scenes. Most people were angry at him for doing that, but it’s moments like this that make West seem so endearing.
He is a character, but people still see themselves in him. By saying what he said, West was being god in his own way. He was thinking just because he say what he believed, it might changed the outcome but he just came out looking like an egotistic person. His actions and his ego is what make Kanye who he is. Kanye mention ‘’ a lot of time my ego is the armor. ” West used his big ego to hide behind, but he realized that to be a different man to be a better leader he has to change his ways of thinking and by changing he will continue to make people perceive him as superior than life.
Therefore, by Kanye changing the way he thinks and acts, it may have seemed that he had lived the life of two men. The pain Kanye lived through had shaped him into the man he is today. West say “God put him through so much its help turn him into this soldier. ” West was pushed through life quickly. He experienced things that many people will never experience in their life time. He took these experiences and changed into a skilled warrior. Furthermore Kanye lives by his own set of principles. Kanye state “I would rise everything to express what I felt was the truth. ” Kanye isn’t concern with what people thinks of him.
What he believes is that he is speaking the truth, therefore he speakes his mind; He is productive also outspoken. It is part of Kanye West’s job to tell people the truth about himself, just like it is part of his job to make great song’’ said David Samuels author of the Atlantic American Mozart. Samuels was uttering that Kanye is a man of facts and reality. He speaks his mind in ways many people don’t and he speaks his mind in the music he creates which is what make his songs so great. Samuels would also compare Kanya to the Mozart’s of this generation. Samuels was saying when Kanya raps the audience feel every word he speaks.
His word speaks to the audience of his generation the same way Mozart music had spoken to the audience of his generation. The same way Mozart had changed the way his generation listened to music, Kayan is doing the same for his generation. Kanya is influencing the culture the same way a good zeitgeist leader would. It seems that Kanye’s goal is to be identified as the zeitgeist of his generation. Thus, Kanye West should be Consider a zeitgeist leader of this period , he is an influential man, a strong individual and a forthright man. These are all the characteristics people need and looks for in a great leader.

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