Justice delayed is not justice denied

Published: 2021-06-11 14:10:04
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“Justice delayed is justice denied” was written by a British politician William Gladstone. Good morning teachers, friends and worthy opponents today I stand amidst you to air my views on the topic justice delayed is not justice denied.
Basically Life will always try to knock you down one way or another, but with self determination and focus you can stand right back up again. Justice is a concept involving the fair, moral, and impartial treatment of all persons. In its most general sense, it means according individuals what they actually deserve or merit, or are in some sense entitled to. Justice is a particularly foundational concept within most systems of “law,” and draws highly upon established and well-regarded social traditions and values. From the perspective of pragmatism, it is the name for a fair result.
The adage “Justice delayed is Justice denied” is how far true today? Delaying doesn’t mean that justice is denied. It takes a lot of time in the Government offices to get the job done but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t working. So now, how far this adage “Justice delayed is Justice denied” true?
The very phrase/concept of ‘justice delayed’ suggests that justice is/was served; it simply is/was postponed or deferred until a later point in time. Here let me give you an example Mary is a young girl who comes and sit in front of her mother with her back hunched so her mother asks why are you sitting with your back hunched you look like an old lady now what her mother meant here was she looked like an old lady but she is not an old lady.I have negated the resolution 2. Temper
Our first reaction to a provoking situation is passionate. For instance, if my friend says something a little mean about me, I might be FURIOUS about it at first. I may even choose to punch my friend in the face. However in time, chances are that I’ll have calmed down and rationality will have had a chance to resignation. We are, after all, instinctual beings (though we do have the ability to process logic and reason and use discretion). Sometimes that discretion – or better judgment – takes a little time. Usually after the initial shock, heartbreak or anger of an emotional situation, we are able to come to terms with reality regarding the situation, and our opinion of what is at hand has changed.
Here, let me give you an example this happened in Chennai R Poongodi was a lab technician. Her manager denied her rightful promotion for nearly 13 years, , she struggled and has now won back her seniority, wages and much more. The Madras high court, frowning upon the attitude of health department officials, directed them to make amends by paying 10,000 as case cost to Poongodi “without any delay My point?
“Some things are worth fighting for. If you find something worth the fight, don’t just let it go, or you may have to deal with a lifetime of regret .” Instead, I argue that justice delayed can actually LEAD TO justice being served, in the sense that time actually allows for clarity and the opportunity to take many things into account regarding what is moral/fair/just. So my dear friends I think I have convinced you why I oppose this motion and why justice delayed is not justice denied. Thank you and have a good day.

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