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Published: 2021-06-20 18:55:05
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1.- Julius Caesar reveals that usually people don’t see the effects or reactions that manipulation can create, people just care about the final outcome, no matter how you get it. 2.- Even though Cassius thinks Brutus is a “honorable ” guy, he also thinks that just about anyone including Brutus, can be manipulated or “seduced.” 3.- Cassius obviously wants Brutus to join the conspiracy against Caesar, but instead of coming right out and asking him, he tries to increase Brutus’s ego by suggesting that the people wants for Brutus to lead Rome. 4.-Rigth or not, the Caesar is death. But Brutus actually was hopping for this or it was just the manipulation of Cassius that make him do this. 5.- some how we are animals, humans but animals, and is that instinct that bring us to do achieve what we want, no matter how we get it .
Corruption and Power 1.-Julius Caesar implies that power can be taken away, but not given. 2. -Brutus confirms his fear of power, but the major fear is in his inside, because he has to decide whether to kill his best friend or let him destroy the hole Rome. 3.-It was ofr the good of rome or Brutus. Brutus justify his acts by saying that it was for the good of Rome, but after killing the Caesar he proclaims himself a king. Which let us to thing, id he afraid of power, or he was just afraid of was having it. 4.- After the Caesar die, all the conspirators were hidden, not just because they know they did wrong, the where hidden because they know how corrupt they were and that in every moment, some of them could turn against them. 5.- The Power can make your mind go crazy, but is actually the power that creates this allusion or is just the person how has the power, how make you rethink the situation.
Friendship, 1.- A Friend is worth nothing because you can make friends every day, what is worthed is their loyalty. Julius Caesars reveals the importance of having a good friendship, which lerns after his death. 2.- Brutus as a good friend follows cassius´s plan, but at the same thing is going against his best friend, which let ut to the idea that he is doing what he is doing because he want to, not because he is a good friend 3.-Cassius tries to convince Brutus that he would be a better leader than Julius Caesar. Although Cassius claims he would never try to manipulate a friend but his actions let us thing otherwise. 4.- After being stabbed by his supposed friend, Caesar looks up at his friend and says something like “Even you, Brutus? I thought we were friends ” 5.- Friendship can bring your own death. What a detrimental death for the Caesar but don’t he trust and valorate the loyalty of his murderer.
Pride 1.- Julius Caesar suggests that is more important your pride than your own life. 2.- Caesar is unashamed of his arrogance. He doesn’t see his condescension as arrogance; instead it’s a quality he has earned by proving himself a powerful man.
3.- Casca has fear before the gods, while Cassius interprets heavenly interference as a sign that his traitorous enterprise will go well. Cassius is arrogant in his interpretation that the gods are on his side, while Casca displays humility. 4.- False humility is often worse than arrogance. Antony sets himself up as an ignoble and untrustworthy character 5.- There is nothing more disturbing than an arrogant people, and in this case the arrongance and pride of the Caesar let him to the death.

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