Judging others by their appearances

Published: 2021-07-05 12:35:04
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To see is to believe. It’s one of the reasons why we often misjudge people based on their appearance, we see their outlook as a reflection of their personality or on how they live their lives. We are human beings; we are so quick to judge others. I know that judging others will hurt them because in the first place nobody likes it. As for me I do not like people judging others especially if they didn’t even know them, but we always have that some point in time that we cannot avoid judging people, it is part of growing up with our surroundings and becoming aware of them.
But saying that you do not like a person because of how he/she looks like is going overboard of judging, this may often lead to bullying and losing self esteem because of their appearance. That’s why some girls wouldn’t even go out without wearing makeup, because make up can enhance beauty and thus boosting confidence in oneself. I am often misjudge by others because of how quiet and calm I am, they might think that I’m boring and has no friends at all and I cannot avoid those judgments because it is how they think, it is their perception of me as a person.
Judging others can lead to racism and discrimination which is a bad thing, by judging in that kind of way is stereotyping others. When a girl sees a man with lots of tattoos and piercing, she assumes that this man is a criminal which is a form of stereotyping. Some forms of judgment is psychological, example when a boy was bullied as a child by a guy who used to wear red all the time, this boy might grow up fearing and avoiding those who wear red. It all depends on our surroundings and on how we think of others.
The viral music video of Miley Cyrus’ wreaking ball has a lot of judgment going on; people were disappointed by the way she turned out to be. I mean, no one expected her to be completely different and naked in her music video since she was a Disney child star. Most of the people discriminated her because of what they saw in that video, but for Miley it was more than that, the lyrics within that she wrote herself was more of an expression of how broken she is.
All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t immediately judge things based on what we see but we should also understand the story behind it because it does help others. If you don’t have anything good to say, you might as well just shut up because words are powerful than what we think. The saying goes; “Do not judge a book by its cover” is true. Just like a book, if the cover seems unappealing, there are possibilities that we won’t even bother reading it. Based on psychology, Beliefs are formed in the subconscious mind as a result of repetition. If you were told each day that you should not judge a book by its cover then you will grow up as an adult who never judges people by appearance.
According to some articles, people judge others based on physical appearance for a number of reasons. People are driven by physical pleasures and beauty. People also prejudiced against some factors such as skin colour and gender. In addition, people have been influenced by the media which has portrayed some things as bad while other good. One popular psychological fact states that if you met a person who was really nice and interesting then most probably you will think that all of those who look like him to be interesting people.
Medias has a lot of judgments when selecting a character roles, when someone looks handsome, they are immediately selected as a Hero while those are not that handsome to them portrays as the villains, because the more good looking the hero is, there will be more viewers and thus raising their own money. It is a human nature to compare ourselves to others, whether it’s to our family members, peers or even celebrities we see in the media. We base our judgments of ourselves and others on these comparisons. Others say that it is wrong to judge someone by their physical appearance because your making fun of how they look and that is not right.
And that’s called BULLYING and your making fun of god’s creation that’s the way they look. So in judging other based on their appearance is wrong because never see others characters by their clothes. In fact, some the riches have much money, modern car, huge home, and high education but their characters are not good. They always use abusive words to poor people. If we look by their appearance, we will conclude that they are the good people but it not at all. Therefore, we should all judge someone by their character and not looks.

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