Joyas Voladoras

Published: 2021-07-04 05:30:04
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In Brian Doyle’s essay “Joyas Voladoras”, he uses the hummingbird’s heart to describe how small a heart could be so powerful and other examples of hearts to show what it could endure. He mainly tells us with shifts and changes of tone, imagery, and many selection of details of how the heart is very fragile to emotional events and that life should be lived at its best. Doyle shifts his tone when he writes “…Mammals and birds have hearts with four chambers” he gave examples of animals who have hearts because he wants us readers to think deeply about what animals could go through such as the hummingbird.
‘No living being is without interior liquid motion’ meaning us living creatures are sort of like animals because we have liquid motion and we can’t live without it. Doyle shifts his tone from talking about animal hearts more to hearts in general when he mentions ‘So much held in a heart in a lifetime’, and he gives us many examples of what a human heart endures. He wanted us to experience every feeling of despair through examples such as ‘a cat with a broken spine dragging itself into the forest to die’.
Doyle wanted us readers to feel the sorrow in our hearts so we could consider how truly fragile the heart really is by reading something so heartbroken as a cat slowly dying as well as the hummingbirds who don’t open there eyes due to their heart slowly stopping. When Doyle described the hummingbird’s heart, he gives us an image of the size it really is such as a small pencil eraser to an infant’s fingernail.
He names many different types of hummingbirds such as the ‘velvet-purple coronets’ because he wanted us to imagine how colorful these hummingbirds are and how beautiful they can be, and he crushes that imagine when he describes how a lot of them cease to be every day. He then compares the hummingbird to a tortoise when he says ‘you can spend them slowly, like a tortoise and live to be two hundred years old or you could spend them fast, like a hummingbird, and live to be two years old.
’ The significance of this comparison was that he wanted us to realize that life cannot be lived as fast as it can be, but should be lived slowly for each goal you plan to accomplish and then succeed. That doesn’t take two years but 200 years is more than we need. In Doyle’s very descriptive writing, he gives us readers an idea about how fragile life could be without us knowing it. The heart is the most fragile of all because it gives us the privilege to feel. And that’s something we should all be thankful for.

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