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Published: 2021-08-09 12:45:04
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Josh Hutcherson Not Afraid to Be Himself Many celebrities to this day are recognized for their scandalous acts and wrong doings. Not many people stay true to themselves in today’s society, even less are willing to donate their time and money to help others that need it. Josh Hutcherson is one of these people in others eyes, he has always been himself either on set of a movie or at home with his loved ones. As a child he had to deal with the lose of both of his uncles, they died from AIDS during the height of the epidemic. “They were n their early thirties, in great shape, but unfortunately they were taken away from us too soon. Both passed away at about the time I was born. ” (Hutcherson). Though he didn’t get a chance to meet his uncles, he saw how this affected the rest of his family and from that point on he wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t die in vain.
Josh Hutcherson is a hero to many for his desire to help others, always staying true to himself, and donating his time and money to charities. Josh Hutcherson was born in Union, Kentucky as an only child and at the age of four his ounger brother was born. Shortly after he started to become interested in acting and being on television, his parents figured it was just a phase like most children would have. Over the years his fascination with acting grew stronger to his mothers surprise and she eventually decided to help him pursue his goal so at the age of nine josh and his family moved to California. After getting settled down josh started auditioning for roles and landed very few, very minor parts. But with his determination he landed a role in ER in 2003 ( Anonymous , 2012) . From that point on josh’s acting areer took off and he starred in many TV shows and some small movies. After “Bridge to Terabithia” was released he was a highly regarded actor and many studios wanted him to fill in roles.
He quickly made friends that had the same lifestyle and views as himself, one of the most prominent was Avan Jogia. Avan founded the organization called SBNN (Straight But Not Narrow). Avan, an actor, musician, writer, and big picture thinker. His idea, his passion and his voice started it all. Seeing the hardships young adults face, both in and out of school, ignited his desire to take a stand against ullying. (anonymous) Josh knew he wanted to be a part of something great and became a part of the group and helped spread the message. Actors today are usually fake and doing what their name implies, acting. Yet, some do stay true to their ways and don’t let all the fame and attention sway them. Hutcherson is a perfect example of this. You can see that even in his movies the roles he plays are true to his own personality, some stars that have worked with him on set have said that even offstage he has the same nice, boyish charm that his characters have in movies.
Ever since he was nine and started acting he has always been himself even tho most studios and sponsors want him to act fake and perfect he wants to always stay true to himself and not ever put on an act just to please someone else. Being yourself with all of the stress and publicity is an extraordinarily large task and many fail to do so. But Hutcherson is one of the few that have rose above the others and proved himself as a strong idividual As a small child Hutcherson had a very strong personality and always spoke his mind, this characteristic has stuck with him his whole life and he is still the same way to this day.
So when something wasn’t right, Hutcherson would not hesitate to speak up. Because of the death of his uncles to AIDS and how they were treated for being homosexuals he hated when someone treated anyone like they didn’t matter. He hated bullying and whenever he hears about it or witnesses it, he feels the strong need to do something. Hutcherson clearly expresses his feelings towards gays being bullied for who they like, Josh Hutcherson received the Van Guard award at the GLAAD Media Awards for his help to stop gay bullying( Giannotta, 2012) . Helping others that are being bullied or that need someone there or him have just been natural to Hutcherson. Because of Hutcherson family history with homosexuality he had very strong views on gay rights and equality of all people. He decided to join his friend Avan Jogia and his organization “Straight But Not Narrow”, this was a group dedicated to opening the eyes of others to the fact that we shouldn’t care who a person dates, its about the persons personality and actions(Jogia, 2011) . He became the main advocate for the group and has been the most active member since the start. But Hutcherson has done more deeds outside of SBNN as well.
On June 3, 2012 Hutcherson took place in a charity celebrity picnic where many popular stars and actors come together and throw a picnic. This even has raised more than $33 million since 1989 to fund pediatric AIDS research and the Foundation’s international medical programs to prevent new HIV infections in babies and to keep HIV-positive mothers alive through lifesaving treatment (anonymous, 2012). Hutcherson has done a lot of things to help kids and even adults in need since his career took of, making him a hero to many people who know of the actors deeds.

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