It’s been over 10 years sinc…

Published: 2021-10-19 15:00:07
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It’s been over 10 years since I had my last job, getting regular paychecks, lookingforward to “hump day” and “TGIF”. I have had my own business for a decade and I loveeach day that I get to build my empire. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a sidehustle as an expert business consultant, planner, coach, or something similar? If youhave been in business for yourself for a substantial period, you do know you’reunemployable now, right?Yes, you fall in a category where you will find it very challenging to survive working forsomeone else.
In addition, most employers won’t want you. Most entrepreneurs aretoo independent, they are not good at taking orders from someone who has settled inlife, and they will have a difficult time with office politics. Entrepreneurs have alreadydefined what success means to them, what motivates them, and their purpose in life.Working for someone inhibits the entrepreneur from growing. Entrepreneurs know thatthey must live at the edge of their capabilities. They must fail to evolve.On a job, failure is unacceptable.
Failing on a job is asking to be fired. Failing as anentrepreneur is a part of the growth process. One of my favorite quotes on failure byJohn C. Maxwell, “Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward.” Entrepreneurs aresuccessful because they extract the lessons from failure and they have a positiverelationship with failure.So, should I worry that as an entrepreneur that I am unemployable? Not at all. Theawesome life challenge of not being able to accomplish gainful employment in workingfor someone else motivates me to “10X” and maxout each goal I set for myself and myteam.
I am not hurt by people who do not support me in my efforts to be successful,because I have chosen a way of life that will bring an unsurmountable amount of wealthand create a legacy for my family and future generations. People will not always seemy vision. It’s ok. Later, when I am uber successful, they will ask me how did I do it. Iwill tell them like a diamond I withstood the pressure, believed in myself, and trusted theprocess.I am an entrepreneur and I am unemployable. I am fortunate to be my own boss atVirtuity Financial Partners.
I work with a team of unemployable entrepreneurs. Wework on our own schedules, we control our lives and plan the future we want. If thissounds like an opportunity for you, contact me to explore your options.

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