It Pays to Take Risks

Published: 2021-08-27 01:05:07
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As we grow older, at some point in our lives, we would have to face decisions that involve, perhaps, very big risks; decisions that impose us to go to lengths that we have not ventured into. Yet, it is with these risks that allow us to make better decisions and hence choose what is best for ourselves. Taking risks has its shortcomings. One of the most common reasons why people choose not to take risks is because it is dangerous – one may need to face uncomfortable setbacks in the process. Taking risks requires people to get out of their comfort-zones, out into the open to do things that are distressing to them.
By definition, to risk means to be exposed to the chance of injury or loss. Often, people do not take the risk due to fear of failure or humiliation. Therefore, when people take risks, they often need to lose something in one way or another. In addition, whenever we take risks, there is a higher chance of failure because we are doing something that we have not done before. There are many things that are still alien to us out there in the world, therefore we would not know what the outcome will be if we were to venture into that area. Anyone brave enough to risk it by putting his all into that field of work faces a huge loss should he fail.
Steve Jobs is one prime example. He started out with nothing, but slowly built his way upwards to success. It was hard work and he could have lost everything with one mistake, but he persevered. Even after being diagnosed with cancer, he refused to undergo operation and continued to work hard for the Apple Company that he founded. If he had not done that, there would not be new versions of iPhones and other Apple products because after all, Steve Jobs knows it best. However, risk-taking is not all about facing setbacks. It also gives us the opportunity to gain new learning experiences.
Whenever we take a risk, there will always be lessons learnt in the process. Mikhail Baryshnikov said, “To walk across the street is a risk. ” Even the simplest of things are risks. Yet from doing these simple things, we will be able to gain valuable lessons from the experience alone. Thus, risk-taking exposes us to different situations and allows us to derive learning lessons from them. Moreover, risk-taking would allow us to have a higher possibility of discovering something new. If we do not step out of our comfort-zone, we would never have the chance to try anything new, much less discover anything new. Take J. K.
Rowling for example. After graduating, her marriage failed and she was jobless with a dependent child. However, she continued writing ‘Harry Potter’ even when her mother passed on. As Brian Ferneyhough quotes, “If nothing is at risk, nothing is established. ” Hence, if J. K. Rowling had given up on herself, the book ‘Harry Potter’ would never have existed. But she had done the opposite instead: she risked her daughter, risked her studies, and even risked her life. This resulted in her being able to be successful. Her books have gained immense popularity, critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide, and were even made into movies.
In conclusion, although taking risks means that we have to go against certain odds, but if the outcome is successful, there would be great improvements in our current life. The act of being able to come upon a new idea is indeed rewarding, and definitely worth the risk. Vincent van Gogh once said, “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? ” If there were no one who would dare to take those risks, there would not be any changes in life from when it first started till now. We should all muster up the fearful courage and take the risk, for we never know what the outcome is. Therefore, it does pay to take risks.

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