Is Technology Making Us Crazy

Published: 2021-09-10 18:00:09
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We strongly accept the author’s view that technology is making us crazy. This is because, there are many negative effects in human daily lives. Negative effects are exposing the youth to the elements outside or yellow culture which does not benefit the youth themselves. The internet is an endless ocean of information, entertainment and social media, and combined together, the three form a compelling and near irresistible to use the internet and make it an integral part of our daily lives. Is technology making us crazy? ”.
Technology and internet also can make us feel lonely and depressed both of which effects the mental aspect of an individual. For example, they do not giving pay full attention when people talk to them. In addition, they surf the internet for long periods of time which can invite people to mental health problems as well as physically. For example, it may worsen eye quality, have back pain and have a permanent effect on our body posture.
We also agree with the statement from the writer who claims that research done showed that use technology appears that excessive could rewire our brains in a negative way if kept unchecked. In a nutshell, we fully agree with the author’s that technology is making us crazy. We always spend a lot more hours looking at the screen than doing anything else over 24 hours in daily lives. Hence, we should be worried about the state of our mental health. Lastly, as they say, every good thing is complemented by something bad.
I strongly agree with the author’s view that more phones than books in the hands of the young. This is because owning a mobile phone is like a basic right for teens these days. Teens now also cannot live without new gadgets in their life. For example, they are interested to get new gadgets such as tablets, androids, iPad and others. So, they spend their time more with the handphones and gadgets than books. Besides that, there are more phones than books in hands of the young now because the latest mobile phones are very trendy and stylish looking, which grabs the attention of the youngsters.
For example, mobile phones also have an exceptional camera with large megapixels, that enable them to listen to music, watch movies, and communicate or surf the web. Teens like mobile phones because it more than books that have hundred pages for them to read. On the other hand, we also agree with the author that the world is changing including young children. This is because more young children nowadays have their own phones than books. Most of their time are spend with their phones rather than books. They like to play with their phones as phones are interesting, attractive and fun.
This is because phones are compiled with games and many cool applications. This bring to the neglect of more beneficial activities such as reading books. Information from books can be obtained through phones as well, especially if teens have wifi in their phones. They are not interested to read books. Beside that, they will get more information quickly through their phones. Such as, facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger, blog and so on only at finger tips. So that, books become a little boring to read for them.
If they read through phones, they can listen to music while reading and studying at the same time. It makes they feel more relaxed to read too. In addition, the young now think owning mobile phones can increase their studies without using books. When they need to review books, they do not have to go to the library to find and read books because it is a waste time. They just have to surf the web through their phones to find the information. The latest technology now makes them feel like want to get own gadgets like mobile phones rather than books.

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