Is Cricket Killing Other Sports

Published: 2021-10-07 12:05:08
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Is Cricket Killing Other Sports In India? My answer is ” YES”. Why do I say like this? I will give you reasons for it. It is a well known fact that sports is meant for enterainment and hence it is telecasted in television and also the playing area is provided with seats to accomodate the public…. But how many games have full attendence from the audience. Is that the media doing all these crime or is it the politicians. I have seen many times where the ministers say that cricket is not like other games. Why do they have so much of importance to this game alone.
I don say that people should dislike this game, i just want them to give equal importance to other games. If you ask a sportsperson then only you can understand the pain and hurdles they come across. But why is that only cricketers enjoy all the facilities. Football is the most watched game in the world, now my question is that how many football stadiums of international standards are there in our country. I feel that the government and the people lift the game of cricket and stamp all the other games. You can surely see a full house cricket stadium in India.
How many of us have seen a full house for an Athletic meet or a hockey match. Why is that no other game has so much of sponcership and live telecast in TV. We are so much bothered about the telecast of the cricket match in Australia, but how many of us are bothered about the olympic qualifiers of the hockey match. We people know who is the highest run getter for India, how many of us know who is the fastest man of India(100 mtr National Record Holder). If we youngsters don take action against this, then it will be situation where the substitute players who will also act as audience.

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