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Hello everybody, I am here to introduce out classmate Ernst Deant. During our interview I noticed that he was very kind and interesting person, so let me tell you something about him. Ernst was born in Port au Prince, Haiti. He moved to the United States when he was 12 years old. He came from a middle class family, so his life was stable and how he said, he was little bit spoiled. His Dad is a businessman and his Mom is a chef at Fountain Blue. Right after he graduated from North Miami Senior High School, he joined the U. S.
Navy, and spent 13 years in the U. S. military. He was part of 21 Humanitarian missions in Afghanistan; he is also a combat veteran who did 2 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He says he loves everything outdoor except wild life camping. He played soccer in the High School and in College he was vice president of Haitian club in Boston. He was married and happily divorced. From that marriage he got 2 beautiful daughters. Recently he found love of his life and big support from his Fiance. She has giving him hope that real women do exist.
His short term goal is to become better man and not just father figure and his long term goal is to graduate from the nuclear medicine technology program at Broward College. He says that he is very simple man that like to live life to its fullest and love taking risks. His favorite color is blue and he likes to listen all sorts of music I can truly say that it is a privilege for me to share a classroom with one of the many former Freedom fighters that this great country has blessed us with.

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