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Published: 2021-10-11 19:30:12
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Interview with Ms. Mature 2013/2014 Paula Gordon In November 2012 Ms. Gordon was approached by more than one person that thought she was a perfect candidate for the up and coming Ms. Mature Pageant that was to be held during the Carnival Season. As you all know she won. Now let’s get to know a little more about Ms. Paula Gordon, Ms. Paula Gordon not a native of St. Maarten but calls it home, was born on the island of St. Kitts on the 10th of November 1976 where she lived until she moved to St. Maarten April of 1989.
After getting settled her mother enrolled her in the St. Maarten Academy where she ttended until the island was devastated by Hurricane Luis in 1995, after which she moved to New York and lived there for 2 years. But after this time her love of St. Maarten was taking a toll on her she made the decision to move back to the place she called home. After some time back she found out she was going to be a mother, not knowing what her next move would be she knew she was going to be the best mother she could be.
Today she’s the proud mother of a wonderful and polite teenager, because not much parents can say that these days. Ms. Gordon is a very active individual she’s member to many clubs on the island from sport to community evelopment. Let’s talk some more about Ms. Gordon and one of her passions which is sports, however, volleyball is what she loves. She took interest in the sport right after starting school on the island. She wasn’t very good but the coach like her because of her drive and her will to learn, but she still hasn’t mastered the game.
But I must say that didn’t stop her from going out there every week and giving it her all. She plays with teams on both side of the island with Nitro on the Dutch side and Pacemakers on the French side. She may not be the best but they all know she’s always dependable and punctual. In 2000 Ms. Gordon was elected Secretary of the St. Maarten Volleyball Association of St. Maarten. A post she held until a new board was voted in. Her second passion believe or not is the University of St. Martin and everything the school is associated with. Ms.
Gordon obtained her AAS at the USM where in 2006 she also got the Board of Directors Award, and is currently pursuing her BAs in Business with a concentration in Marketing. Not only did she attend school at USM but she was also employed there for 8 years as secretary to the President until 2007 when she felt she was ready for a new challenge and applied for a Job at N. V. GEBE which she was successful in receiving. She is still employed at N. V. GEBE and taking on new challenges daily. Third she is a proud member of The Rotary Sunrise New Generation/ Youth Services.
A post that is very near and dear to her heart because her goal has and always will be the youths. Through this post she feels that can interact with much more young people that she would not have been able to reach on her own, therefore she can make most of her goal more than Just a vision but into reality. She’s also a liaison for The Rotaract Club and Interact Club (Sundial School). As a mother she knows the importance of her role and what it eans for the young people that are looking for that person to show them that they are important.
Ms. Gordon’s goal is to one day combine all her passion and dream together to create a program where the young people o t St. Maarten will be able to obtain a College/University education through sports. Ms. Gordon was quoted “We have so much talent on this island that goes to waste every year because there aren’t any programs in place that will encourage and motivate our young people into developing their full potential, but with the help of God and the community of St. Maarten I know my dream will become reality. “

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