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Published: 2021-07-31 20:15:06
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Assignment Two: AMB336 Internet International Marketing Students are to present a research report on the implications of Internet technology in the international marketing of the firm. More specifically, the impact of the Internet on international marketing performance indicators such as sales from international customers has become clear (Mathews, Healy and Wickramasekera 2011). International marketing managers must be aware of this changing environment and the impact on marketing activities in international markets such as “the consumer experience”.
Students are to draw upon the literature to highlight key areas where change is altering the international marketing activities and performance of the firm, as per the scenario and context below. Criteria reference assessment (CRA) is available through Blackboard. Scenario: A well-established (1975) Domestic Australian Beach Wear Company (Australia Beach clothing co. ), recently received some sales orders from international clients in the UK. The international marketing manager believes the Internet will enhance the firm’s ability to generate profits, but is unsure how.
Can you help analyse and evaluate how the Internet might assist the firm in the international marketing activities of their swim wear in the UK (United Kingdom)? Research Question: How has the Internet influenced international consumer behaviour in the UK (United Kingdom)? How might this change affect the marketing activities and performance of the firm in this market? Student Note: Context means: 1. The Company. 2. UK market 3. Internet marketing. Tutorials (6 & 8), readings and lectures (9) will assist students in how to complete assessment 2.
Assignment Two structure: Please follow the structure 1. Executive summary Summary of the main findings: What are the main findings in the investigation? * (Do this last! ) (200 words approximately) 2. Analysis: Review the literature and industry publications: What are the main opportunities for the Internet in this case? What are the challenges for the Internet in this case? * 2-3 core ideas in each section with the support of research (journals and other industry publication) (800 words approx. ) * Make sure you are drawing your ideas from the literature 3.
Evaluate and recommendations What were the main ideas and that have the most influence on the Internet international marketing for this firm (Swim Wear) in this market (UK)? * What is your recommendation: what Internet marketing activities might work best and why? Be creative! (500 words approx. ) Note: You must put the word count in the CRA header References Mathews, S. , Healy, M. and Wickramasekera, R. 2012 ‘The Internetalisation of information, knowledge, and interaction components of the firm’s internationalisation process”, Journal of Marketing Management (JMM)

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