Information About the Nizamuddin Dargah

Published: 2021-08-01 21:15:08
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Sufi: (Etymology: Worship, Wool) Follower of Islam in a liberal way [spiritual side] * Sufism was born out of necessity * Ulemah were the rigid people who followed Islam. They created rules. * NIZAMUDDIN gave people a lot of freedom * Teacher in Islam is known as PIR. * Student in Islam is known as MUREED. * During Nizamuddin’s time crime was at it’s lowest. * FIRST SUFI SAINT- Moinuddin Chisti * CHISTI SILSILA- Named after people who propagated this.
The people had come from a place called Chist * Nizamuddin Auliyah was the 4th Sufi saint. HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN AULIYAH * He was born in 1238 * Lived in Badaun for 20 years * Hyaspur was its original name. * Nizamuddin had established Khangah. * He was the first saint to go against rigidity. * Treated everyone equally. * Alauddin Khilji tried to become his Mureed (student) * Hyasuddin Tughlaq was jealous of him * Hazrat Amir Khusrao was Nizamuddin’s favorite Mureed. * Khusrao was the only one who had the permission to enter Nizamuddin’s Khangah anytime. It was during his time that there was the biggest langar used to take place. * He kept a roza for his whole life AMIR KHUSRAO * He was a businessman, poet, scientist, and musician. Excelled in all the fields. * Invented Tabla and Sitar. * Known as the father of Urdu language. * Died after 6 months of the death of his pir. * When a saint dies, the day is celebrated. Belief- “When a saint dies, he is said to be united with his beloved(God)” * Qawali was originally known as Sama TOMB OF AMIR KHUSRAO * Made of red sandstone and marble *
Quran is engraved on the walls. Red sandstone is like a dressing on the wall. The wall is not actually made up of red sandstone. WHY IS REDSTONE USED? Red sandstone is a dressing to make it attractive. Also red sandstone is very easy to be engraved. Stone – carved and made a Jaali. FAMILY TOMB OF ADGAH KHAN * Tiles are not available anymore. Not able to restore. * The artisans who made the tomb are not available anymore. * The work is very lucrative * On the dome there is a squinch. * A squinch is a structure where a circle is fitted on a square. * Cenotaphs are made of marble. Walls are made of mortar lime – fixing material [Made of rice, dal, jaggery etc. ] MAIN MOSQUE * Thursday is day of congregation prayer. * Built by son of Alauddin Khilji * People pray facing a wall, facing Mecca * Central arch called a mehrab * Verse from a Quran – Inayat * Domes, arches and other features of Islamic architecture can be seen. * The priest is known as Imam. * The architecture: The base is a square, then arches and a figure of 16 sides and then a dome is built. BAULI * A Bauli is a well with steps leading to it. * The only one in Delhi which always has water.

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