In order for a business to succeed, it must put more money in advertising

Published: 2021-06-28 00:20:05
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On account of the rapid development of economy, it is indisputable that there are more and more business, small or big, emerging in the market, producing more and more commodities which enables consumers to choose at will. Under such circumstances, some business put more money in advertising than before in order to succeed. I am, and probably will always be, one of those who agree with such idea that business should put more money in advertising.
First, it is indispensable for business to advertise their products so that people can recognize them. With the increase in types and quantity of products, the faultfinding consumers have many alternatives to turn to. In order to increase consumers’ awareness of the products, business must put more money than before, which otherwise will lost in such intense competition, which leads to low products sales. Only when business put money in advertising generously, can they make more money by selling more products.
Second, it is advisable for business to create exquisite, entertaining and reliable advertisements to make their products stand out as well as to attract consumers. I could pick up examples here and there around us. Just take me for example. Last month when I was shopping online for some skin care products, I saw a new domestic brand. Immediately, a new ad on TV occurred to me, which is endorsed by a well-known actress who I appreciate very much.
Such an exquisite ad and the famous actress enhanced the credibility of that brand, which finally attracted me to order exactly the product that advertised on TV. Instead, if business doesn’t put more money in advertising, such as invite a celebrity to advertisement, there won’t be more consumers who are willing to buy the products, in other word, the business won’t succeed. Admittedly, if business only focused on advertising, neglecting the significance of product quality and innovation, the advertising won’t be effective and efficient.
For example, Li Ning is a well-known sports equipment company in China. Its advertisements are often seen on TV. However, there is something wrong with it in recent years. Its products are no longer as popular as before because they are out of date. In a word, taking into account of all factors mentioned above, we might reach the conclusion that business will prosper, if and only if they put more money in advertising, as well as pursue the principle of “quality and customers first”.

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