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Published: 2021-10-08 18:40:12
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Immunology is defined as a science that deals with the immune system and the cell-mediated and humoral aspects of immunity and immune responses. An immunologist deals with humans that have an immune response that is not considered normal. For example they treat patients’ that have AID’s, Immunodeficiency’s, and some autoimmune disorders. Immunology began when Edward Jenner developed a vaccine for small pox, and lead to a system of programs to immunize people, though this is not all immunologists do though.
Immunologists also study the growth of disease of the patient to better understand their immune systems; immunologists often administer tests and lab work for their patients. It is then their job to analyze this information. They then have to put all of the pieces of information that they find together to create a diagnosis for their patient. Immunology can be a very dangerous field for a person with no antibodies. Immunologists often times deal with microbiological cultures and possibly biohazard cultures as well.
Very often times are an immunologist associated with a Allergist because they deal with the reaction and rejection of the body to foreign micro objects. Since immunology is a doctor job one who aspires to be such a doctor needs to attend medical school and get a PhD in either Pediatrics or Internal Medicine. An aspiring immunologist must also take classes in clinical research and have a BA in micro biology or biology. From there one would get an internship as a trainee of immunology and then after five years be able to receive their MRCP in Immunology then shortly there after receiving a CCST making them a specialist in their field.
Though there are no in states schools in Ohio that allow a major of Immunology one out of state school that one may attend for such a career is the Baylor College of Medicine. The career ladder for this job includes the levels of Intern doctor, Pediatrician or Internal Medicine doctor, Consulting Immunologist, Immunologist. The job outlook for this career is that Immunology is a growing field in which there will always be jobs. Thought it takes a long educational background to get to the top of the ladder an immunologist that has been practicing for five years makes anywhere from $26,800 a year to $105,000 and eyond that. Depending on how long the immunologist has worked and the profession level it is at the sky is the limit with salary. Immunologists don’t necessarily have to work in a doctor’s office. Many medical companies employ immunologists. For example a drug company may hire an immunologist to study the reaction of the drug to the patient’s body. Vaccine companies also are always looking for immunologists to employ to make flu shots for the latest strand of flu or try to find a cure to the latest disease.
Immunologists have to be able to plug in different variables into unexciting equations making it hard to sometimes solve a patient’s problems and symptoms. One specialty that immunologist often have available to their patients is IVIG subclass antibody replacement; where the antibodies that the patient lacks are infused into a patients arm through an IV. It takes a lot of skill and patience to become an immunologist but I believe that they make a huge difference.
I know immunologists have made my life easier by helping me with my immune system, I deeply admire this field of work, and if I could be one I would but I don’t have a strong enough immune system to do so.

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