Hunter Gatherer to Agriculture

Published: 2021-06-17 19:15:04
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During the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic Age many things were lost and gained from the conversion of the hunter-gatherer life style to the agricultural life style. During the Paleolithic and Mesolithic Age it was mostly hunter-gatherers where people were nomadic and traveled from place to place to hunt for their food. The Neolithic changed into an agricultural way of life where they raised livestock and grew crops for their food. With the conversion from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle to the agricultural lifestyle humans lost some certain things.
For example, humans lost the group decision factor. Humans were more individualized in the agricultural way of life because growing your own food on your own land is more independent verses moving in a group to find a food supply. Another example is that humans lose their variety of food when raising their own. When participating in the agricultural way of life humans have to be selective when they choose what they are going to raise for their supply of food.
Furthermore, humans lost the privilege to travel where they wanted to. Humans built settlements during the Neolithic Age where they raised their farms so they couldn’t continue to travel for their food. All in all humans lost things during the conversion of hunter-gathering to farming but the advancement made humans stronger. Even though the conversion of hunter-gatherer to agriculture made humans lose some things, humans also gained a lot.
For example, hunter-gatherers only had a few tools to use while searching for their food. With the advancement to agriculture humans not only had a more efficient food supply but they also had more advanced tools to help them with work. Another example is that humans domesticated livestock. The domestication of livestock made work a lot easier to be done, such as plowing fields, moving large amount of seed or transporting crops from one place to another. Furthermore, humans gained housing.
With the conversion to agriculture humans built settlements during the Neolithic Age. Humans were able to live in houses rather than traveling to different places. Many things were lost and gained with the switch to the new age. Humans switched from a nomadic lifestyle to a settled lifestyle. This switch made a better lifestyle for humans with the surplus of food and advancement in technology of the New Stone Age. The agricultural way of life made things easier for humans rather than the hunter-gatherer way of life.

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