Humanitarian Aid

Published: 2021-09-30 01:35:10
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Grants are mainly used to help recipient countries to build hospitals, schools and low-cost houses, and support well-digging or water-supply projects, and other medium and small projects for social welfare. In addition, grants are used in projects in the fields of human resources development cooperation, technical cooperation, assistance in kind and emergency humanitarian aid. Interest-free Loans Interest-free loans are mainly used to help recipient countries to construct public facilities and launch projects to improve people’s livelihood.The tenure of such loans is usually 20 years, including five years of use, five years of grace and ten years of repayment. Currently, interest-free loans are mainly provided to developing countries with relatively good economic conditions.
Concessional Loans Concessional loans are mainly used to help recipient countries to undertake productive projects generating both economic and social benefits and large and medium-sized infrastructure projects, or to provide complete plant, mechanical and electrical products, technical services and other materials.Concessional loans are raised by the Export-Import Bank of China on the market, and since the loan interest is lower than the benchmark interest of the People’s Bank of China, the difference is made up by the State as financial subsidies. At present, the annual interest rate of China’s concessional loans is between 2% and 3%, and the period of repayment is usually 15 to 20 years (including five to seven years of grace). By the end of 2009, China had provided concessional loans to 76 foreign countries, supporting 325 projects, of which 142 had been completed.Of China’s concessional loans, 61% are used to help developing countries to construct transportation, communications and electricity infrastructure, and 8. 9% are used to support the development of energy and resources such as oil and minerals. [Figure 1 Sectorial Distribution of Concessional Loans from China (by the end of 2009)] 1.
BEIJING, Dec. 17 (Xinhuanet) — China’s Tibet Autonomous Region received international aid gratis of 144 million U. S. dollars from the early 1980 to October 2009.Since 1980, Tibet has benifited from 158 such aid projects from international communities. These projects involve poverty relief, medical services, education and new energy development, with 90 percent implemented in rural areas. 2.
Maharashtra seeks aid from abroad for infra projects rs. 4000 crore Education Aid : Education is a right. It’s the key to a better childhood, and a better future for children, their communities and their countries. When you hear someone say Educational Poverty it does not sound as bad as suffering from hunger and disease.

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