Human Resource Planning

Published: 2021-08-30 05:35:08
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Planning is the process of examining an organizations? future human resource need. It involves: Identifying and acquiring the right number of people with the proper skills Motivating them to achieve high performance Creating interactive links between business objectives and resource planning activities Human Resource Planning Human Resource Planning (HR Planning) is both a process and a set of plans. It is how organizations assess the future supply of and demand for human resources. An effective HR plan also provides mechanisms to eliminate any gaps that may exist between supply and demand.
Thus, HR planning determines the members and types of employees to be recruited into the organization or phased out of it. Dynamic by nature, the HR planning process often requires periodic readjustments as labor market conditions change. HRP Process Strategic Planning Technological forecasts Economic forecasts Market forecasts Organizational planning Investment planning Annual operating plans Human Resource Demand Annual employment requirements Numbers Skills Occupational categories Human Resource Supply Existing employment inventory After application of expected loss and attrition rates Compared with

Is the purpose of the job clearly and unequivocally Is its contribution to the organisation? s objectives evident? Is its contribution to its dept obvious? Is the post holder responsible for the successful completion of the whole job? Do the internal systems help the post holder do the job? Job Analysis ? Relationships ? Are the formal relationships clearly specified and related to the achievement of the objectives? ? Is there opportunity to develop working relationships within and across the department? s boundaries? ? Are colleagues available with whom the post holder can discuss professional issues
Uses of Job Analysis Information Selection of jobs for analysis Collection of Data Preparation of Job description – tasks, duties, responsibilities Preparation of Job Specification – personal attributes required in terms of education, training, aptitude and experience to fulfill the job description Methods of collecting information  Job Questionnaire:? Most cost effective method Elicits information from workers & their immediate supervisor You can get intimate detailed knowledge of their jobs Questionnaire needs to be structured in advance Responses can be used to reate a job description ? Questionnaire method Disadvantages  Right population – questions can be interpreted differently Not everyone is able to describe fully & exactly Questionnaire not easy to make to cover all aspects Interview Disadvantages: Time consuming Quality and experienced analyst Distrust of interviewers Observation ? It is good for simple and repetitive jobs Disadvantages: Presence of analyst can cause stress Jobholder may purposely reduce the pace of activity to justify overtime Cannot be used where job requires personal judgment and intellectual ability

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