Human Resource Management

Published: 2021-09-10 17:20:09
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In this case, the company simply has to commit to the task if they want to avoid unqualified interviewees. The second method is to try to plan the company’s hiring beforehand. Instead of advertising vacant positions to the whole supply of labor, the company can choose to hire from more “elite” sources. For example, the company can choose applicants exclusively from internal employees or referrals from current employees. In the former case the company already knows the applicants’ abilities; and in the latter case since current employees know first-hand what is needed in applicants their referrals will be at least better than average.
Certainly there are some minor problems that needed to be solved but similar to the first method, the company just needs to weight the pros and cons and then commit to the plan. Above are two methods that can be of help to improve the quality of applicants. It is inevitable that these methods are not without flaws; but if the company truly wants to relief interviewers of unqualified interviewees then they will find these methods perfectly implementable.

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