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Published: 2021-06-29 10:25:04
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The purpose of this document is to support and outline the creation of a statistically significant study of the Hong Kong market for Huella Online Travel. With Hong Kong’s online travel market expecting an “annual growth of 97. 9% during 2006-2010”, it is imperative for Huella Online Travel to discover what is impeding them from obtaining a greater market share in Hong Kong. After reading the initial study analysis, I agree with your in her decision to hire MarketSense to conduct a new, more quantitative, study of the Hong Kong market. Ideal Respondents
Ideal respondents to this new survey must be chosen at random. Whether this is done on the streets of Hong Kong or by phone it does not matter as long as every effort is made to receive feedback from a random sampling. While the sampling of the population will be done at random, I do feel there will be respondents who will provide more valuable data than others. Those who I feel will provide increased value to the study will meet the following criteria: – Greater than 18 years old – Frequent internet user – Frequent online shopper – Frequent traveler – Recently traveled within the last year
– Experienced with both traditional travel agents as well as online travel services General Topics In construction of the study, the four main topics should mirror those discussed in the MGO focus groups. Those four topics again are: -Brand Awareness -Brand Image -Brand Positioning -Usage Pattern The information provided by these four topics best fit the goal of Huella’s efforts to increase market share in Hong Kong. Because these topics are also the same topics used in MGO’s qualitative study, they will provide statistical data leading to accept or reject MGO’s findings.
A quantitative study of these four topics, coupled with key demographic questions, will only provide Huella with greater insight into the Hong Kong market. Demographic Questions In the creation of this quantitative study it is important to collect demographic data from the respondents. This data will prove important as the statistical analysis is performed. In both correlative and regression analysis these demographic questions provide us with the independent variables need to gain insight into who Huella is having success with and who they need to focus on to increase their market share.
-Age -Gender -Income -Frequency of Travel -Reasons for Travel -Frequency of Internet Use -Frequency of Online Purchases Conclusion With the combination of the qualitative study performed by MGO and the quantitative study to be performed by MarketSpace, I am sure Huella will have the appropriate data to perform accurate analysis of the online travel market in Hong Kong. The analysis of this data will allow Huella to confidently move forward with a marketing strategy to gain a greater market share in Hong Kong.

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