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How does this campaign illustrate the concepts of consumer learning and also of perception? Marketing staff through reducing the potential advertising fatigue ways of applying different marketing means of packaging the same theme product advertisements so as to enhance the interest in a product. For example, HSBC will be positioning as” the world’s local bank”. Using this theme to propagate, due to personal subjective point of view is different, as a result of the different values, so the significance of the product is different, but still reflect the same theme.
Company often does a consumer research to grasp the consumer demand. The consumer research has six steps. Defining the objectives of the research. Collecting and evaluating secondary data. Designing a primary research study. Collecting primary data. Analyzing the data. Preparing a report on the findings. If the purpose of the study is to come up with new ideas for… [continues] HSBC Launches the “Different Values” Campaign In September of 2008, HSBC marketing executives launched a new global advertising campaign called “Different Values.
With the expressed purpose of better understanding what people value–not in terms of banking, per se, but what they value in their personal and political lives–the campaign stood as unique in the industry. Many saw this 2008 effort as an extension of follow-on to HSBC’s “Different Points of View” campaign, launched in 2005, which had been developed around branding HSBC as “The bank that values different points of view. ” The 2005 campaign had replaced the bank’s prior three-year “Cultural Collisions” campaign, continuing the bank long-term effort to integrate notions of cultural diversity into its company brand and advertising footprint.
Much of the campaign was delivered through print media advertising, including a historic 24-page ad buy in New York magazine, and constituting a monopoly on advertising in the October 27, 2008 issue of the magazine. Many of the print ads contained clever combinations of common words and pictures arranged to highlight the variety of ways people interpret the same thing. For instance, one print ad featured the picture of a baby repeated three times, each time with a different word associated with it. “Love” appeared with the first baby picture, “Legacy” with the second, and “Expense” with the third.
As a variation on this theme, other ads howed three different pictures each associated with the same word. One youtube spot which received a lot of attention during the campaign became affectionately known as the “Lumberjack Video. ” The style of the video is cinematic, with very few words spoken in the spot. The narrative depicted the arrest of a female environmentalist who participated in an anti-logging protest. Near the end of the spot, the woman is bailed out of jail by her boyfriend–one of the lumberjacks she had just protested. Tracy Britton, HSBC’s Head of Marketing in the United States, said: “People’s reaction to the campaign is a bit of a Rorschach test.
It encapulates our global outlook that acknowledges and respects that people value things in different ways. ” A unique campaign in the banking industry, it captured the attention of the business and popular press, while raising interesting questions about the limits of the public discussion of personal and political values in the context of an advertising campaign. http://nexus. som. yale. edu/hsbc/? q=node/107 HSBC Launches “Different Values” Advertising Campaign as the Largest Single Issue Advertiser in New York Magazine History The Evolution of “Your Point of View” Campaign Sparks Timely
Discussion of Global Values NEW YORK–(Business Wire)– HSBC, “The world’s local bank,” today announced it will unveil ten new ads from its new “Different Values” campaign in the October 27 issue of New York magazine, on newsstands October 20. The new creative is part of a series of 17 ads (some single full page, some full page spreads) appearing throughout the issue, crystallizing HSBC’s global premise that “different values make the world a richer place. ” This largest-ever run-of-book ad representation in a single issue of New York is the most significant print buy in the “Different
The HSBC presence inside jet bridges and throughout terminals at New York City’s JFK and LaGuardia airports will be updated with “Different Values” creative during the peak of the holiday travel season. Notes to editors: About HSBC HSBC Bank USA, N. A. and its sister bank, HSBC National Bank USA, have more than 460 bank branches throughout the United States, with about 380 in New York state; branches in California and Pennsylvania; and a growing network of branches in Connecticut, Washington, D. C. , Florida, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. There is also a branch in ach of the following states: Delaware, Illinois, Oregon and Washington State. HSBC Bank USA, N. A. is the principal subsidiary of HSBC USA Inc. , an indirectly-held, wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC North America Holdings Inc. HSBC USA Inc. is one of the nation’s 10 largest bank holding companies by assets. http://www. reuters. com/article/2008/10/20/idUS142858+20-Oct-2008+BW20081020 Consumer learning can be thought of as the process by which individuals acquire the purchase and consumption knowledge and experience that they apply to future related behavior . 2.
Several points in this definition are worth noting. a)First, consumer learning is a process ; that is, it continually evolves and changes as aresult of newly acquired knowledge or from actual experience . b)Both newly acquired knowledge and personal experience serve as feedback to theindividual and provide the basis for future behavior in similar situations. 3. The role of experience in learning does not mean that all learning is deliberately sought. Agreat deal of learning is also incidental , acquired by accident or without much effort. 4. The term consumer learning ncompasses the total range of learning, from simple, almostreflexive responses to the learning of abstract concepts and complex problem solving. a)Most learning theorists recognize the existence of different types of learning and explainthe differences through the use of distinctive models of learning. 5. Despite their different viewpoints, learning theorists in general agree that in order for learning to occur, certain basic elements must be present— motivation, cues, response, and HSBC has been positioning itself as the “worldwide local bank” for a while now.
They are a bank that takes pride in understanding the subtleties of cultural differences. Last year, they introduced a thought-provoking ad campaign illustrating how there are multiple perspectives on any given subject. HSBC tagged the campaign with a special URL, yourpointofview. com. The website serves as a gateway to the current campaign’s creative materials, where you are also invited to learn about HSBC’s brand values: * Perceptive — We will anticipate and meet the needs of our diverse customers around the world by using our ability to combine our global reach across markets and segments with local knowledge and expertise. Progressive —
We are committed to continuous improvement in quality, effectiveness and efficiency through team work. * Responsive — We will act quickly to ensure we meet and exceed our customers’ ever-changing expectations. Management at all levels will be hands-on, operating with a minimum of bureaucracy, giving guidance with wisdom and delegating with confidence. * Respectful — We will exercise corporate responsibility in our activities and we are committed to the welfare and development of our local communities.

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