How to Use the Internet More Effectively?

Published: 2021-08-30 03:35:09
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It has become a part of the existing so that a one cannot do without it. Technology is used widely in different place for different purposed. “Technology represents man’s attempt to make life easier” (Younkins, 2000). In an Explanatory note, technology simply reflects user’s belief of how technology can provide a soft life. Internet is one of hundred technology applications. The word Internet is sometime abbreviated (net) by the users. Internet has wide usages that facilitate human lifetime.
However, using the Internet effectively is a big challenge currently because everyone use it based on his interests. Internet can be used effectively for communication, education, and e-commerce. Communication is a popular method of using Internet adequately. Humans’ interacting with others is a fundamental need considering the innate sociable creation of the humans. The communication revolution has made the global a small community. For instance, keeping in touch with others who are from different countries and cultures is a one gain of communication.
Connecting others also implies making new friends,sharing new information, photos, and videos. The role of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter in communication is a vital role ; as they are easy to deal with. Anyone can across the network via his or her personal computer, laptop, or phone plus a wireless connection. Moreover, Internet facilitates urgent meetings for many agencies which have multiple branches in different countries. In addition , it has developed the way of debating. Debaters from different countries can debate online without needing to travel, and this is such a great experience.
For example, two years ago, I was a debater in the American-Qatari Debating team. We were divided into two teams. Although half of my team members were living in America, we did not face any problems in sharing our ideas about the topics. Internet has played a central role in exchanging our ideas. Those online debates were held online in Qatar Science and Technology Park by Cisco’s Telepresence technology, and they represent the most powerful evidence of the effective usage of the Internet in communication.
Internet is commonly used in the educational field. It has intervened almost contemporary educational techniques. Both teachers and students have been dependent upon Internet as an online learning source. In classrooms, the internet helps students to get the concepts clearly when the teacher supports the ideas with Youtube videos and soft pictures. Conducting an academic research online is much easier than before. The Internet gives the user an opportunity to access incredible amount of information ( Carr , 2010) .
There are many different search engines, virtual reference shelves, and directories that have been created to assist students and researchers to get published studies, databases, journals, articles, government documents, and other reliable information resources. Moreover, students can get online books through searching on the Internet. Consequently, research work can be done without having to travel long distance on foot looking for a book somewhere. An e-book can be found just through Internet on a website. Internet can be exploited excellently in e-commerce.
Due to the Internet, the ways of shopping, advertising, and booking have changed. Many people prefer the services which are provided online because of their spectacular benefits comparing with other services. Online shopping has changed the way of our classical shopping. It is commonly known that online shopping provides lower prices of high quality products. Besides, it provides many items which are not sold in the local markets. Furthermore, online advertising is a very fast and cheap way for advertising, and this is due to the huge number of Internet users around the world.
Internet also can be used for booking. Many people prefer booking their travels tickets according to the lower costs comparing with the costs of the traveling agencies offices. To conclude, Internet is very essential to be used in communicating with others, due to its great benefits of providing various options of communication. For example, oral, visual, and written. The students and teachers usage of Internet has simplified the way of learning and teaching. It has developed the way of the critical thinking, and searching.
Similarly, peoples’ usual daily necessary services were speeded up thanks to the Interne. In other words, a click may provide a busy person’s need without going out. Although Internet was created to simplify the daily life, many people are excessive users of Internet. It was found that 71% of young Internet users are Internet addicts (Tian , 2010 ). In my perspective, Internet users should limit the amount of the spent time using the Internet to prevent themselves from wasting their time.

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