How to Kill a Mockingbird

Published: 2021-09-13 08:00:10
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The progression of maturing has a larger effect during a major accident. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird we explore the lives of two kids (Jem and Scout) growing up in the South during the great depression. A time when prejudice is high and equality is low. Yet even that couldn’t stop them from to joining the racist circle.
The trial is a major part in the book, and it forced the kids to grow up. The trial revolved around Tom Robinson who was being convicted of raping a white woman. Before the trial both Jem and Scout were quite naive.After the trial they realized a lot about the people of Maycomb. They learned about racial equality and the inequalities of reality. The trial made Jem grow up shown when he talks to his father about the justice system and rape. These are conversations that aren’t discussed with kids.
The trial really hardened them because after it they no longer feared Boo Radley’s house. Jem made a statement saying that Boo won’t come out of his because he doesn’t want to. Show’s that they understand how his innocence is killed by Maycomb. Now in the book the trial compromises their maturing.In real life it is the same thing. For example you should expect someone to grow up after witnessing death, divorce, or something else very crucial. It affects them and stops seeing the world just black and white.
2. In the story “To Kill a Mockingbirds” Mockingbirds represent the innocent people who should not be harmed. The mockingbirds that was being harmed was from the children was Boo Radley. The adults of Maycomb were hurting Tom Robinson. What they both were doing was very wrong, but what was worse for the children or the adults to do it. Miss Maudie said that killing a mockingbird is a sin.I believe that it is more of a sin when an adult does it.
Because children are to little know about morals, and aren’t that intelligent enough to know what there doing is wrong. Children don’t understand how hurtful they are said by the phrase kids can be so cruel. Adult’ on the other hand is mature people that can make decisions on their own. Yet in the story the jury which consisted of adults finds Robinson guilty. They sent him to jail because of his race. They didn’t put in the fact that Bob Ewell is a drunk and that Tom Robinson had an injured right hand.There was a lot of evidence that supported Tom’s innocence, but he was still sent to prison where he was killed.
All because of adults who were blinded because of prejudice. So what you see is that it’s worse for adults because they can cause something like death. For the children in the story (Jem and Scout) they did little harm to the other mockingbird who was Boo Radley. They just bothered him a little but nothing like killing him. So what I’m saying is that even though children can be cruel, adults should be smart enough to not hurt innocent people. 3. Pessimistic view on life is too seeing everything negatively.
While optimism is looking at the world with hope. That’s how the book is written from beginning to end. There is both a lot of bravery and courage shown in the book. There are many examples showing that the book is written in an optimistic view. Since the beginning the main characters have always been willing, in the best manner they could, to solve their problems. For example, the time Atticus stood against that mob of men threatening him to harm if he doesn’t stop defending Tom Robinson. He could have run away, but he stood up for what he believed in and remained hopeful.
To me that is optimism, standing up when things go wrong. Another example would be the time when Scout refuses to fight Cecil Jacobs after offending her father. Besides bravery is likes optimism, too. Since the anger didn’t over come her and instead she looks at the optimistic side of the situation: she could proof her loyalty to Atticus by obeying him. Other example would be Miss Maudie after losing her house, she only look at the bring side of which she’s getting a better house now. There is death in the story, but yet it is still written in a way that shows everything will prevail. 4.
Tom Robinson was sent to prison because of lies made from people. He was innocent, but yet he was still taken away. So I wonder if that can still happen to Tom today. And would he be convicted to. In my belief if a trial like this took place in 2011 Robinson would be found innocent. The setting puts a huge affect on the outcome of the trial. The story takes place in the 1930s where equality was low.
There was a lot of discrimination of blacks, but look now there has been a lot of progress, and equality is very high compared to back then. So the justice system would not take account of his race, but by his personality.Another factor is that detectives have become better now. They will be able to find more evidence to prove that he’s innocent for example DNA testing. So if there was a trial took place like this now I trust that Tom would be fine. 5. Like I’ve said before on how now that time has changed there is a lot less discrimination out there.
People understand more about what’s right and what’s wrong. They have good judgment now and stand up for what they believe in. A lot different than how it was back in the mid 1930’s. In the story it was Atticus alone trying to defend Tom Robinson.The reason is because people didn’t want to go against of what they have been learning for years. Yet Atticus still stood up for him. In present day there would be many people supporting Tom because they now it’s the right thing to do.
In this time you are very least likely to see discrimination then like it was back then because now people have good morals. 6. The book has two themes which is bravery and prejudice. Bravery which is shown from Atticus helping Tom, which can be seen today. Also prejudice shown many times in the book such as Scout’s image of Boo before she even knew him.These are major themes in the story, and can be taken place today. Prejudice is the act of misunderstanding someone without full knowledge of them.
A lot of this is shown from the mistreatment of blacks. Racism has been lowered now. Yet I still see racism at schools, television, and other places. It is still an issue today, but not as bad as it was back then. While prejudice is decreasing bravery is on the rise. What Atticus did in the story was very brave, and I see that more people are doing the same. Fighting for what they believe in and supporting their cause.

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