How to Improve Your Community

Published: 2021-10-09 21:50:12
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You have decided to give several hours of your time each month to improve the community where you live. What is one thing you will do to improve your community? Why? Use specific reasons and details to explain your your choice. Getting involved in community services is a very self-fulfilling job and a privilege that every has. There are numerous things that people can do to help improve and ease the comfort of their community. The one thing that I will not forget to do is to get others involved.
It is very vital to get others to voice out their opinions and concerns to help build and shape the community’s future. It would be better to get some youths to contribute for the good of the community since we are not only constructing for the good of today but also for the better of the coming generations and leaders. Developing a vision is something we ought to do. Listing down all the things and statements that we think the community should function and look forward to in the next 10 to 15 years.
I would also assign responsibilities to those people who are reliable, responsible and motivated and set a time limit for achieving the expected results. In this case, what we plan and voice out will not only remain a statement but an action well taken care of. Another thing that I will not forget to do is to promote future leaders to continue leading the whole community by involving youths and giving them all responsibilities.
We should also let the youth know that a good leader is someone who shows willingness and enthusiasm; someone who will ensure that the future of the community is the one that will benefit everyone. In conclusion, to help improve the comfort of my community, I will get others involved so that everyone can have a share In shaping the community’s future, develop a vision and assign people who will develop that vision and last but not least I will promote future leaders so that the community will have someone to lead them to the right path.

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