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Published: 2021-07-03 04:00:04
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My favourite sitcom is “How I met your mother “ . It is an American show which was first premiered on CBS in 2005 , the story revolves around the protagonist of the show Ted Mosby and his group of friends . In the year 2030 , Ted recites to his children the events which led him to meeting their mother(Milioti) and hence the name of the show is quite apt . Ted Mosby is an architect in New York City , the narrative deals with his best friends , including the news anchor Robin Scherbatsky , the eccentric, womaniser Barney Stinson and the couple Marshell Eriksen and Lily Aldrin .
The series explores many storylines including a love triangle between Ted, Robin and Barney, a change in their careers . The show has nine seasons , the last one is to be aired in March 2014 This show was created by Craig Thomas and Carter Boys . The show belongs to the romantic comedy genre and is famous for its unique structure and eccentric humour , the show has received positive reviews throughout most of its run and managed to grab the attention of the audience. Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby an architecture teacher is the central charcter of the series who is on a quest for happiness and his “ the one” , the woman he will marry.
Ted is the most mature of the group and he goes to great lengths to profess his love to the woman in his lifr, but they all fade away after a while . He does eventually meet the loveof his life who is first seen in the finale of season 8 . Marshall Eriksen is Ted’s best friend , who is married to Lily , with whom he has been in love since his freshman year of college and serves as an inspiration for Ted to find his true love . Robins is a new anchor and Ted’s ex girlfriend , she has emigrated from Canada to take a job in New York where she meets Ted and his friends .
The character of Barney Stinson is one of my favourite , he could be actually be called as the life of the show ,the phrases used by him such as “legendary” , “suit up “ and spice to his character , although a womaniser his character has been appraised by all and was awarded with Favourite Tv Comedy Actor award. Lily Aldrin is the fifth friend , she is kindergarten teacher and is married to Marshall , Lily is the group’s moderator ,who is always there to resolve a conflict or to offer a shoulder to cry on , all the friends confine their secrets in her although she is terrible at keeping secrets .
She is also very manipulative , often coaxing her friends behind the scenes to get her desired results , she keeps the group together . This show is one of my favourites since it is a light hearted comedy after a tiring day, i really enjoy watching this show since it is very humorous and entertaining for me , there is a new story in every episode , a few new characters are introduced and it is not linked to the previous episode thereby one can start watching it from any episode.
The thirty minute episode is a complete laughter ride for me and acts as a real stress buster . For nine seasons the Mother of the children was not revealed and hence I used to be excited in finding out that who the actual mother of the kids is and wife of Ted , they have very well scripted the show keeping the buzz alive among the audience to keep watching the show for nine seasons to find out who actually is the Mother .
I also like this particular serial since it depicts the strong ties among the friends , they go through various ups and downs in their lives , change in careers , loss of job , family problems but they stay together thick and thin . The show very well depicts the unbreakable bonds among these five friends , who always find time to spend together even in their busy lives, which i find quite commendable , although fictional characters but the bond depicted among them is quite strong .
It depicts the sacred bond of friendship , how one would do anything dor the other with no questions asked. I like this show since it weaves a story , a story about how the universe and destiny keep weaving a weird scheme to get you where you are supposed to be and to be with the person you are meant to be with , every breath you take every choice you make is supposed to be working to get you where you are supposed to be .
Like a cosmic plan that is working and you are like a puppet to it . The character of Barney one of my favourite thing about the show , although a womaniser , who is solely interested in seducing women , he is a very good person at heart , who would even sacrifice his life to help his friends , the character is very well played by Niel Patrick Harris and is loved by the audience too .
On asking some of my other friends who watch this show they also pointed out similar reasons for liking it as it is romantic comedy, it is light and easy to digest after a heavy day , people are huge fans of the character played by Robbin as it is portrayed that she is an independent woman who has travelled to different parts of the world for her job , she signifies strength and courage , she is a modern day woman who smokes cigar and can very well handle her scotch . This show has won People’s choice award for the favourite Network TV comedy show , the show has been nominated for 28 Emmy Awards. Stars Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris have each received acting accolades, with both receiving People’s choice award, and Harris receiving Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

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