How Gandhi Inspires Me

Published: 2021-09-13 15:25:09
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“The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of conscience. ” Those words came from a man who made his life on truth and simplicity. Gandhi was a man who seen that at the bottom of every religion they are all the same. He tried to show the world that nonviolence and peace is mightier than the most powerful weapon. Gandhi’s natural will and determination to show the world what we all could do inspires me to do my best.
When I dedicate myself to something that interests me, I put all I can into it to succeed. When I do the absolute best on a project, I am proud of my results. Gandhi didn’t care what others thought about him. People called him crazy, a fool, and just flat out mean names. He would shrug those off his shoulders and continue living in peace. During school I would constantly joke around and talk. From not paying attention, my grades weren’t the best they could be. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel just to get by.
Much of my school day has been spent sleeping, drawing, or not doing anything. When I started reading about Gandhi, I was fascinated by the way he was when people treated him different. They shunned him and stoned him. Even though he was put through hardship and rough times, he did what he believed was right. That made me see how wrong my life was going to end up if I stayed on the path I followed. So I tried to turn my life around on a dime. Doing this drastically changed everything in my life. My grades were better; I had a better attitude towards everyone and everything.
I walked through the hall with my head up instead of down. I would sit up straight and pay attention a lot more in class and I understood my work. Determination has been the main reason why people succeed in their lives. If someone just gave up every time things went wrong, nothing would be invented. Giving u and giving in to the ease of just quitting sounds a lot easier then push yourself to your limits to succeed. My dad always told me that “It’s easy to give up, but hard to keep moving forward. It’s the hard part of life that makes us who we are. My dad’s words changed my thoughts before I would do an action. Those words will for ever be in my mind and I will pass them on to my kids later down the road. The hard work in left builds character in everyone, even if they don’t notice it other people do. Determination and hard work can take you a long way in life. If I continue to preserver like he did, maybe one day I can show the world what I’m made of. Maybe one day people will quote my words of wisdom. Maybe one day I can change the world.

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