How Does Bronte Create Tension

Published: 2021-08-26 03:45:06
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This leaves us suspicious of the almost too idyllic situation in which Jane leaves the house. The first phrase of her walk, “The ground was hard, the air was still, my road was lonely” carries a sense of foreboding through the negative associations injected into each of the words through use of a tricolon. If taken as a metaphor of Jane Eyre’s situation we can still see how dire it is, with no money/personal property (hard ground), no progression (still air) and no connections or true friends (lonely road).
This drastic change in our perception creates tension and suspense, leaving us wondering if this foreboding is foreshadowing another downfall. In the very next sentence there is an out-of-place word, ‘brooding’, a word with sinister connotations, unsuitable for describing a scenic, calm walk. When paired with the word ‘pleasure’ it creates an oxymoron furthering the confusion and anticipation of something happening. Another example creating this effect is ‘glided a dog’; the term ‘glide’ tends to refer to supernatural creature like ghosts which could be a reference to the red room ordeal.
In the following paragraph each positive, descriptive word is twinned with a word that diminishes its normal effect, for example ‘low-gliding’ and ‘pale-beaming’. These subtle hints at a deterioration of circumstances do not go unnoticed. A final ominous element of the surrounding environment is the silence, ‘far and wide, on each side, there were only fields, where no cattle now browsed. ’ The inclusion of ‘now’ leaves us wondering when, what and why there was a shift in position. A very saddening element that results from Jane’s contemplation whilst out is he way that she chides herself for her overactive imagination, ‘in those day I was young and all sorts of fancies bright and dark tenanted my mind amongst other rubbish. ’ This disappreciation, and essential loss of her beautiful, childish spirit lead us to wonder what strife the poor girl has gone through to arrive to this state and whether the turning point between child and adult could be approaching. Bronte exemplifies this tension by flicking between two elements of the story which draws out the approach of the ‘metallic clatter’, an image so removed from nature.

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