How cell phones have changed our lives

Published: 2021-07-06 11:05:03
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What invention do you use every day? What invention could you not leave your house without? For me, it would be a cell phone. Forty years ago if someone would have said that everyone would have a cell phone, people would think they were crazy. According to a U. N. Telecom Agency report, the world has about six billion cell phones. That’s roughly one for eighty-six of one hundred people. There are several reasons why I believe that the invention that I think has had the greatest influence on man’s life is cell phones.
A cell phone is a mobile communication device that allows one to make or receive calls through a radio link while moving around a wide area. When they were first demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola, the handset was around the size of a brick, according to Wikipedia. Now, being the size of a palm, they are much easier to hold. From 1990 to 2011, cell phone subscribers grew from 12. 4 million to 6 billion, penetrating about eighty-seven percent of the global population and reaching the bottom of the economic scale.
One reason that cell phones have had a very big influence on man’s life is that they are an easier way for people to communicate with one another than conventional telephones. Even the first cell phones, which were created by Bell Laboratories in 1947 and were used exclusively in police cars, were made for communication. It’s an easier way to talk to people far away. People use cell phones to talk to people all over the world. Now, instead of waiting weeks for a letter it arrives in the mail or hours of driving, you can pick up a cell phone wherever you are and talk to someone in a matter of seconds.
Cell phones are also more convenient. Nowadays, we have cell phones that can call and text message so it’s even easier to talk to someone. When you can’t speak but want to talk, you can text. You can also now get an “app” for just about anything. Instead of carrying a book around you get a book app. No need to try to figure out a map or ask for directions at a gas station; you can get a navigation app. You don’t need to have random papers around your car, purse, or house reminding you of something you need to know. You can set reminders on your cell phone or type notes and lists on your phone.
Cell phones are also like a hand-held entertainment center. If you’re waiting for something, instead of sitting there going bored out of your mind, you can pull your phone out and read, play games, listen to music, or look at social media; and it seems like the time waiting just goes faster. If we imagine the future, how will cell phones change? Could their batteries ne forever long? Can they have projectors to show videos on bigger screens? Will they be paper thin? Will they have three-dimensional screens and holograms? The cell phones of the future will diffidently be better than the cell phones of the past and even the present.
Cell phones have become a necessity in man’s life. Many people can’t go anywhere without theirs. Cell phones help people communicate with one another wherever you are. They are also a source of entertainment in time of boredom. Cell phones still have a long way to go before they become almost perfect. Regardless how cell phones change, they will always have one of the greatest influences on man’s life. As Richard Branson said, “I love the freedom of the movement that my phone gives me. That has definitely transformed my life. ”

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