How Cell Phones and Other Inventions Affected the American Family

Published: 2021-08-03 20:45:06
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There are many new inventions that have helped to advance our society and had an affect on the American family. Since the invention of the cell phone people no longer have to rely on payphones, mail, or even traveling. Email has made it easier for people to send mail faster. Instead of writing or typing out a letter and waiting for the post to send it, now you just hop on your computer type it out, send it, and a few seconds later it has been delivered. Entertainment has also made an impact on the American family.
Entertainment has become more accessible over time and at this point you don’t even have to leave your house to order a new movie On Demand or buy a new song or even a whole CD. The cause of cellphones, email, and advanced entertainment has a great effect on the American family by helping them become more efficient. The cell phone has become so depended on; most people can’t leave the house without them. They help you become more accessible to other people and more recently have more features than just calling. Texting also makes it easy to send quick messages to people if you don’t have time to have a conversation on the phone.
For instance, if you are in a loud place, like a concert or a quiet place where you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, like a church service. They also have other features like games, and music. You can buy games and music right from your phone; you can even access the internet straight from your phone. These new parts of the cell phone help the American family to become more efficient and get in communication with other people faster. Email has become more and more popular since it was invented. Now that just about everyone has an email it is not necessary to mail as many cards or letters anymore.
Since the postal system takes so much time most people prefer email simply because their information gets there faster and more efficiently. Adults can send emails to their work and co-workers, which allows them to work from home without even missing a meeting. They can email all of their paper work and they can call into meetings now. Even kids/students can take advantage of this by send emails to their teachers with their school work attached if they are sick or just have late work. The American family has been affected in a very positive way by using these new inventions.
Entertainment has also taken a turn into a new direction. There are so many new ways to keep yourself entertained without even leaving your house. For example, already mentioned the cell phone has games and music installed into it that gives you the opportunity to buy new things to keep yourself entertained. Then there is also the television that you can watch movies on or shows that you like. There is even programs like On Demand where you can access it right through your TV and buy a new movie for about five bucks and watch it without even having to leave your couch.
The way that entertainment has expanded has had such an impact on the American family. This might not be as positive as the speeded up communication devices since this might cause you to be more inefficient and lay around all day. However, when these entertainment devices are used appropriately you can get a good use out of them without letting them consume all of your time. The way that these new inventions have affected the American family is mostly positive, with very little negative effects. Since these inventions, there has been a more efficient way of communication through cell phones and email, which helps work get done faster.
The cell phone has diminished the need to have filthy pay phones all over and email has crushed the need to send many things through the postal office, which isn’t as speedy and efficient as email. With all of these new ways of speeding up work, that leaves us with more time to ourselves, and so we got new ways to entertain ourselves without having to leave the house after a long stressful day at work. Over all the cause of the inventions of things like cell phones email, and entertainment has a positive effect on the American family.

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