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Published: 2021-09-15 17:10:09
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What makes them so popular with their employees? How can they keep their success going? Creating an environment were each employee regardless of their titles and positions share a common ground such as drive and passion to their products. Additionally their hiring modeling is to understand the age, diversity and cultural demographics and obtaining people that will understand the concepts behind their customer’s needs.
Their motivation tactics are simple, giving their employees a fun musical, pop culture atmosphere where there are able to express and provide feedback that will ultimately help drive sales. Hot Topic seems to keep their success growing by giving their employee a sense of ownership; promote internal growth and many other perks. Their investment should continue to be on their employees as they will become loyal to the organization and by means of return will promote sales. . How does the idea of no walls and no doors in the corporate headquarters encourage the culture Hot Topic is trying to perpetuate? Do you think you would like to work in such an atmosphere? Whether it’s Hot Topic, Pixar, Google, Skype or Facebook, all have demonstrated unconventional ways that enhance social awareness in the work place.
Due to the success of corporate giants, many companies are now embracing such policy as it can cultivate motivation and unify members of a workforce. I have never had the opportunity to experience such environment; however my work preference is privacy. I work well with others but when dealing with major deadlines and important projects that have been assigned to me; I’d rather be in an isolated location where I am able to research and focus without any disturbances.

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