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Published: 2021-10-11 16:30:16
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Hong Kong Disneyland One of the biggest complaints heard from visitors of Hong Kong Disney, is the size of the park. The vast majority of visitors believe that the park is too small. The capacity of the park is 30,000 visitors per day. HKD is the smallest among Disney theme park properties in the world. The park currently occupies Just 55 acres and has only four “lands” – Fantasyland, Tomorrowland , Advertureland, and Main Street USA. Our first recommendation would be to expand the park.
HKD needs to tighten their relationship with travel agencies. Travel agencies are a valuable resource and if the relationships are cultivated properly this could prove to be very lucrative for HKD. HKD could offer better commission and incentives for ticket sales and perhaps be a more lenient with booking deadlines. Park attendance is an ongoing issue for HKD. The park attracted 5. 2 million visitors in its first year, which was short of its target of 5. 6 million.
Visitor numbers fell 20% in the second year to 4 million, which again, was below company targets. However, park attendance is starting to increase. In 2008, park attendance increased by 8%, attracting 4. 5 million visitors. In 2009, attendance rose by 2%, attracting 4. 8 million visitors. Our recommendation would be to establish aggressive promotions to attract new visitors and add new attractions that are unique to the Hong Kong theme park to encourage repeat visitors.
Hong Kong Disney ill be celebrating its 5th year anniversary September 12, 2010. The anniversary will be laced with themes of “change” and “soar”. HKD couldn’t have selected a better theme, considering they may finally report a profit this year, before interest, taxes and other depreciation is calculated. After that, it will likely report a loss, but compared to previous years, this is the parks best year yet. The park is said to have received higher attendance this year from both mainland China as well as international guests.

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