“Home Cooked Meals Vs Eating Out”

Published: 2021-07-09 03:55:05
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Many students studying in Canada and abroad seem to be running into similar issues with how they are being taught in the classrooms. First, students are not receiving as much study material and information from their professors as expected. Second, students become tired and lose interest when the lectures go on for too long, and when the professor does not engage the students. Finally, students should have enough time to grasp information from their teachers, by being able to discuss the information.
Students, in past years, having been having problems understanding the information; for example, teachers are not breaking down the information so that it becomes easier to understand, which then causes unnecessary questions to be asked. Teachers should share life experiences and examples related to the material, making the information easier to understand. The examples should be more current so that students can relate to them. Hiring the right professors can make a big deal in someone’s life, such as giving someone their number, or going out for coffee.
Competition should make the class more interesting in the subject or topic as well. It can also keep them more energized in the morning. When a teacher drones on for more than 30 minutes non-stop without turning to the students to ask questions and engage their understanding, students begin to lose focus, interest, and eventually it can led to dropping the course. Changing the system can make students more interested in the subject. Students want to be challenged in a fun and unique way where it makes them feel important. They need to feel a sense of self-accomplishment.
The information provided to students must not be overwhelming either. The information should be enough so that it’s easy enough to remember. This ensures that they have enough time to dissect and understand the lesson before the next lesson is provided. Doing so will ensure that students are keeping up with each lesson, understanding it, and finally putting it into practice. The last thing you would want is information overload. Location can be a big deal; being far away can make the trip so hard on them that it gets them really tired.
Also, expenses can be a big deal because of the amount of money one would need to spend for one class in order to listen to a teacher that knows too much about the topic or the subject. In conclusion students should receive more information from their professors, teachers should share life experiences, hiring the right professors can make a big deal in someone’s life; also Competition should make the class more interesting. Finally Students want to be challenged in a fun and unique way where it makes them feel important.

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