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Published: 2021-07-19 04:30:06
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Provide a brief overview of those areas of strength and weakness noted from Milestone #1: Health History. Pt biggest strength is that, he considers himself as an independent person like to take everything positive and have future goals about life. Main weakness includes difficulty to quit smoking. B. Client’s strengths (30 points) Expand on areas identified as strengths related to the person’s overall health.
Support your conclusions with data from the textbook. Pt considers himself as an independent family oriented person like to take everything positive in his life. His future goal is settle down in his home land, Vietnam. This positive attitude toward life can contribute in taking good decisions in life including stop smoking cigarettes as well as decreasing the episodes of asthma attacks. According to our text book, client ability to cope with illness and stress has a great impact on patients’ psychosocial health (Amico & Barbarito, 2012, pg. 87). C.
Areas of concern (30 points) Expand on areas previously identified as abnormal and those that place the person at a health risk. Support your observations with data from the textbook. Smoking s a biggest risk factor in this case . Pt need to quit smoking in order to improve his breathing related problems . The main problem associated with smoking cessation is that ,pt consider Smoking as a norm and enjoyment. According to our text book, smoking tobacco products including cigarettes are associated with emphysema and lung cancer.
Pt smoking behavior can jeopardize his health and can put him in serious health risk problems like developing lung cancer in future like his father. D. Health teaching topics (30 points) Identify health education needs. Support your statements with facts from the Health History and information from your textbook. Pt is an current every day smoker, seeking health care for difficulty breathing history of asthma, genetic predisposition increases his chances of getting lung related problems. Pt father died with lung cancer and mother diagnosed with COPD.
In this case we need to provide education regarding smoking cessation and all the health risk problems associated with it. Introducing supports group and encouraging pt to attend those groups will help pt to stay goal oriented as well as staying healthy. Giving information regarding exercise that can strengthen the musculosketel system will improves pt breathing. According to our text book one of the objectives for healthy people 2020 is to reduce the asthma deaths and to reduce hospitalization for asthma. The actions include exercise, smoking cessation and support groups (Amico & Barbarito, 2012, Pg. 392). 2: Nursing Care Plan
Next, plan your care based on your analysis of your assessment data: A. Diagnosis (30 points) Write one nursing diagnosis that reflects a priority need for this person. Remember a wellness diagnosis is a possibility. Ineffective breathing related to shortness of breath as evidenced by expiratory wheezing and smoking history B. Plan (30 points) Write one goal and one measurable expected outcome related to your nursing diagnosis. Explain why this goal and outcome is a priority. Include cultural considerations for this client. Goal –Patient will express an understanding and desire to stop smoking by the end of current shift.
Measurable outcome-pt airway will remain patent as evidenced by normal respiration and increased breath sounds. Pt cultural practice considers smoking as a norm and enjoyment for life. Today pt seeking health care for shortness of breath, having enough knowledge about the risk factors associated with smoking can decrease breathing related problems as well as asthma attacks in future. C. Intervention (30 points) Write as many nursing orders or nursing interventions that you need in order to achieve the outcome. Provide the rationale for each intervention listed.
Educate pt on smoking cessation-Giving information will help pt to make the right choice. Discus the importance of smoking cessation and related risk factors with pt-Smoking related health problems including lung cancers and other breathing problems will help pt to quit smoking. Provide pt with reading as well as video tapes-This will provide more information and will help pt to visualize. Introduce pt to smoking support groups-This offer more support and help pt to stay away from smoking Provide information regarding musculoskeletal exercise-This will increase the gas exchange between lungs and decrease the episodes of sob.
You will not carry out your care plan so you cannot evaluate the effectiveness of your nursing interventions. Instead, comment on what you would look for in order to evaluate your effectiveness. I will be looking forward to see that, patient verbalize understanding on smoking cessation as well as stating that he will make an effort to cease smoking on release from hospital and less readmission into hospital due to difficulty breathing.

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