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Published: 2021-07-13 21:25:07
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Understand working relationship in health and social care. 1. 1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship’ The difference between a working relationship and personal relationship is that a working relationship is where you are placed with other people and work as part of team where each individual is working following professional codes of conduct, towards the achievement of shared aims and objectives.
By working to a set of rules and procedures for which you’re paid, you are accountable and responsible for any mistakes and errors you make. Time limits and boundaries apply and you do not necessarily have to like the people you work with but need to keep personal opinions and feelings to yourself. Mutual respect and understanding is a key factor in developing a good working relationship. A personal relationship is a relationship formed through choice, with someone who you like, who you may share interests and feelings with.
In a personal relationship there are no sets of rules and procedures to follow and you are able to voice your personal opinions, thoughts and feelings. A personal relationship is therefore formed simply because you like that person and choose to have that relationship with them whether it is a family relationship, friendship or sexual relationship. 1. 2 Describe different working relationships in health and social care settings. In the health and social care setting there are many different working relationships.
These relationships will include: colleagues, manager, other professionals such as doctors/district nurse, service users and their family and friends. For each you develop a different type of working relationship and some will be more formal than others e. g. You would not address a visiting doctor in the same manner as you would a service user and you would not address your manager in the same way as you would a colleague although you must ensure that you maintain a professional manner. 2. Be able to work in ways that are agreed with the employer. 2.1 Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role. Adhere to the scope of the job role: job description as part of a contract of employment; legal responsibility; defined roles and responsibilities; professional commitment; understanding expectations of the job; understanding professional boundaries and working within professional limitations; accountability; used as a means of assessing performance within the job eg for appraisal purposes •The responbelilties of the role •Where will supervise the work •Who the line manager is for the work •Any staff you will be responsible .
Access full up to date details of agreed ways of working/ 2. 3 Implement agreed ways of working. Access full and up-to-date policies and procedures that relate to the responsibilities of the specific job role, eg health and safety, safeguarding, equal opportunities and inclusive working, security; agreed ways of working may be less formally documented with a micro-employer; implementing agreed ways of working, eg in relation to infection control, anti-discriminatory practice, safety and security, dealing with emergency situations, moving and handling Policies
Procedures job description 3. Be able to work in partnership with others. 3. 1 Explain why it is important to work in partnership with others. In doing your job effectively, you could work partnership with many different people. These may include: •Colleagues in your work place •Professional colleagues from other organisation •The person you are supporting •Their informal supporting network Partnership is about good teamwork, and many different reasons that you might want to develop them.
Some partners will help you generate ideas, or develop content; others will help you to design your engagement activity; some will be able to share their skills and knowledge to ensure your activity is a success and others may be prepared to put resources into the activity. Partners can also help you develop relationships with different audiences. You won’t have to look too far to find relevant people to work with –colleagues in your own department, there are lots of people who might want to work with you.
However before you get started it is important to think through why you want to work in partnership – and why your partners might want to work with you. Your partners will each have their own reasons for getting involved. They will each have their own ideas about what they would like to take from the project. Make sure that you are aware of what each partner wants to get out of the partnership and agree on shared priorities. Ensure that a partnership is mutually beneficial – that way everyone will pull together to make it a success.
Other things to consider include: •Take time to get to know your partners and their style of working, take their methods into account when planning their involvement. •Respect differences in style. •Make sure that all partners are credited on any branding and publicity (and if you are using their company logo, find out about and adhere to their branding guidelines. Don’t just grab the logo from the website – ask them for a high res copy). •Respect the fact that your partners have other constraints and responsibilities within their own organisation – and that your project may not be their top priority.
These need to include agreements on the following: 3. 2 Demonstrate ways of working that can help improve partnership working. There are certain keys that will help to ensure that any partnership is able to work effectively •Good communication •Respect and valuing the work of others •Making clear decision 3. 3 Identify skills and approaches needed for solving conflict 3. 4 Demonstrate how and when to access support and advice about •Partnership working •Resolving conflict

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