Having friends brings you merits of life; it’s not worth living without a true friend

Published: 2021-06-26 03:45:05
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Having friends brings you merits of life; it’s not worth living without a true friend. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to sapport your answer. Besides love, friendship is a relationship that be honored for thousands of years. Terribly to image that how boring and worthless the life would be without a true friend. Having friends brings merits to people’s daily life, perhaps a real fellow is not a perfect one, she or he is someone who you can believe completely, share everything even secret and besides you whenever you need.
Day by day, people grow up and make more & more partnerships, among these companions, not all guys are good, there are some guys they call friends socially because they are in one environment, such as classmates, coworkers, … on the other hand, some or even one special person that isn’t relative and not depend on sex, age or skin color but you trust fully to tell your secret and enlighten the confidence, is he or she your true friend?
From tiny to big problems, you are more comfortable to chat with your pal than to keep stressfully yourself, and to respond your belief, an actual will listen to you carefully for hours and hold your story safely. Actually, it’s not easy to discover who is your close buddy and it becomes more complicated to speak a very important secret to a not affined person without strong trust.
As a duty, your buddy always finds the best way to help you and eternally be the first one to support you to get over the trouble. From the historical time, we are taught about Luu Binh – Duong Le friendship, or a famous triad friends: Luu Bi, Truong Phi, Quan Van Truong, they are not only renowned about their brave, heroic, they can also die for the other. All in one, life becomes more interesting & meaningful to have an authentic friend.
Reasonably, people experience plenty of emotions in their whole life such as happiness, sorrow, misery, fear, disappointment… someone manages to overcome troubles alone without others’ helping, in different cases, someone can’t get over the difficulty themselves mentally and their close fellow, as their own problem, judiciously tries to find the most effective solution to escape. Therefore, how valuable life is to have someone to share with you hobby & habit & vice versa.
It takes a long time to meet, to talk, to beside together & to become close between two unrelated person so your pal does not only understand your interests, routine, moreover, he or she also happily shares these with you. Furthermore, your companion will warmly encourage and assuage when you are disappointed, beside you closely when you feel lonely, tell jokes when you’re sad, etc.
Let’s image, for a girl student, how amazing & compelling it is to go shopping, go to school or go on a trip with her buddy, not simply to share and enjoy the wonderful time, it’s a good chance for both of them to connect closely and remark an unforgettable moment. Even if asking yourself, when you fall in love with an opposite sex, who will you talk to in such complicated situation? So as a biggest gift that God gives to our life, a true fiend always makes our life worthwhile. In conclusion, having friends makes our life merry and having a true friends makes it more meaningful & valuable.

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