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Published: 2021-06-26 00:00:04
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1. Explain how BRL Hardy was able to achieve such a remarkable post-merger success? What are its sources of competitive advantage? According to the case, before the merger of BRL and Hardy happened, the two companies have quit different strategies and organizations. Hardy was known for award-winning quality wines, while cooperatives specialized in fortified, bulk, and value wines; thus they brought marketing expertise, brands, and winemaking know-how which were BRL needed. BRL had more aggressive and commercial culture compared to Hardy; thus they had access to fruit, funds, and disciplined management which were Hardy’s lacking elements.
Therefore, they worked together will perfectly matched. After the two companies merged, they accounted for 22% of the Australian wine market and 17% of national wine exports. With higher market share and greater brand awareness, the new merged company got more advantages to success. Also their CEO introduced a new strategy to make their new company improved in the market. The strategy is simple but fit for their situation, they would protect its share of bulk cask business but concentrate on branded bottle sales for growth. Obviously, this strategy used both BRL and Hardy’s advantages and combined them in a great shape.
2. What is the source of tension between Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson? How effectively has Steve Millar handled the differences? The tension between Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson is from a debate about what kind of strategy should be used in the U. K. ’s market. Davies wanted to use a global brand strategy, but Carson believed that is hard to operate in U. K. ’s market. The tension made both Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson keep thinking further about the strategy and improving it. Millar utilize the debate make the company become much powerful in marketing. 3.
Should Millar approve Carson’s proposal to launch D’istinto? Why/why not? Millar should approve Carson’s proposal to launch D’istinto. The main problem is the failure of Mapocho. It is hard to make the others believe that this new brand will not failure just as the Mapocho. Actually, with the experience of Mapocho, Carson already know the way to make a similar brand to be successful, so, Carson had a high confidence about that. Also, the failure of Mapocho make the company lost the position in that market, there have to be a new brand get back the market position for the company.
As a company with a great reputation, they need a brand like D’istinto to establish the brand awareness in U. K. ’s market. 4. What recommendation would you make to the organization concerning the conflicting proposals for Kelly’s Revenge and Bankrock Station? I prefer to introduce the Bankrock Station as a global brand. According to the case, the CEO had a thought that make the company become global. The Bankrock Station is fit for this idea. Also Bankrock Station has already successful in Australia, the great brand awareness and the mature product lines can give the globalization of Bankrock Station many incomparable advantages.
For the long term strategy, the company should select a brand which had a global potential rather than a brand which just focus on a country. On the other hand, Paul Browne the one who created the Kelly’s Revenge was believed as a person that did not have the skills for the job but wanted to control everything. A person like Paul will not lead the Kelly’s Revenge to success, and the others in the company will also become harder to work with him. With such situation, I believe that Bankrock Station is the best choice for the company.

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