Gospel of John

Published: 2021-10-12 11:20:13
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The Case for Christ I found the information revealed to be quite informative and for me, largely new as IVe never researched these areas directly. There is plenty of evidence presented on each topic and Strobel uses each interview to explore a number of angles from the skeptics perspective to ensure he looks for answers to the most common questions that relate to every interview topic. The experts range greatly but are primarily scholars and authors of various books with published ontent on each relevant topic.
They have years of research and study on each area and are well suited to answer Strobel’s questions. Because the format of the book is written as a narrative description of these interviews with each expert. I found this part a bit of a stumble as it doesn’t carry much between each topic. There is some reference between the chapters and evidence presented that builds on previous findings but they are large separate individual chapters.
This made the book a bit arder for me to really get since aside from the particle topic in each chapter there wasn’t any kind of story and building component to the book. This still worked very well and definitely makes a focus on purpose to address each of the questions, it Just took more to keep me interested. I think some of that was due to the historical nature, as I have little to no interest in history and find it quite boring to read about so I got more than my share in one or two chapters.
There isn’t too much of this istorical componetn though so it didn’t hold me back from continuing through the book and exploring each of the questions with great interest. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this book and I certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to examine any of these questions that are covered and also for a beginning some study of apologetics or simply general interest or skepticism in Christ. I’m not sure the book on its own will drive too many people to believing in Christ but it can certainly give more evidence and reason to believe.
I wouldn’t say its inpiring or motivational, however, it is very informative and great opportunity to learn. I think there could have been a bit more examination of the personal impact on each of the experts lives in study Christ. That leaves a bigger mark on my heart when there is a direct experiencial story around each topic, not Just the facts. I’m happy to know more about these areas now and to match them to my own experience in knowing Christ which Just helps to strengthen that belief. Gospel of John By Eutson-Laracuente

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