Goals of Higher Education

Published: 2021-08-03 11:00:06
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Living in the modern world, one cannot but face with a neсessity of getting higher education. Thus, if you want to be a respected part of society, you are to have a degree. However there are a lot of people who tend to think that this kind of studies is not for them as school education is quite enough. Well, what are the goals of higher education? And do people really need it? To give some facts I’d like to mention that due to the statistics, our country stands at the first place in the world in the number of people who have higher education with 54 % people graduated from the university.
It’s very impressive though. So, what were the aims of all these people? Definitely, everybody is looking for the advantages one can take of it. And frankly speaking there are plenty of them. In my opinion, one of the most important goals of higher education is providing society with highly qualified manpower in order to strengthen particular sector of domestic and world economy as well as other spheres of social life. Hence graduates have more chances to get a well-paid job and higher position in the field he or she interested in.
Secondly, being educated in a certain realm gives you an opportunity to become an expert in a wide range of problems. Consequently, another goal of higher education is cultural enlightment. What is more, university or college really matters when we are talking about self-determination. Thus, it helps one to gain independence by realizing what he or she is good at. Sometimes school leavers enter higher education institution without knowing whether they really want to study this or that.
However, with every passing year there, their desires become specified and they discover more and more opportunities to become useful for their local as well as world communities. Once I realized that higher education is vital for me, there was a problem what university to enter. However the number of universities offering studies in the field of international affairs in our country is quite limited and I had to choose between two cities, Volgograd where I was born and Samara that was quite near to my place.
Finally, I made up my mind to study in Samara State University and I’ve never regretted it yet. It is a classical multi-faculty university and a leading educational institution of higher education in the region. What is more important for me, it offers a great platform for students who are interested in carrying an individual research. Highly qualified scientific advisors are ready to help us and provide with essential literature whenever we need it. Moreover the conferences held in our university give the youth opportunity to be heard and noticed as a lot of experts visit them.
All things considered, we can notice that all the goals of higher education are to improve the quality of life in this or that way. Although, a lot of people are aware of all these advantages they prefer to limit themselves with school education. The point is that we shouldn’t forget that improvement of the quality of our life is about everybody. Therefore, it’s obvious that the more people have higher education, the better life we have. And the only choice you should make is what university to enter but in no case to keep studying after school or not. That’s out of question.

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