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Published: 2021-06-19 02:25:05
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Global warming is the process in which green house gasses are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere causing the world to get warmer and warmer. Evidence shows that global warming is in fact taking effect on our planet since the early 1900’s. With the evidence pointing to our planet heating up due to us, the question is why have we not done anything to even slow down the process? When I was in the sixth grade, I first started hearing talks about global warming and how harmful it is to this planet.
I did not pay much attention to it though, because I was a kid and did not care. As I got older I started to hear more and more about it. Then, in high school, I saw things like recycle bins; I kept hearing things like “go green”. I saw ads about global warming, commercials, and even on billboards. My curiosity for global warming was growing so I decided to do some research on it; one of the things that I found was Gore’s push for a Kyoto Protocol in 1997, which would have committed the United States to cut down the usage of green house gasses.
The vote, however, failed miserably by a vote of ninety seven votes to zero. Al Gore’s push for going green did not end there, his documentary that he won the noble peace prize for entitled An Inconvenient Truth talks about the harmful green house gasses and the effect it could have on the earth in the near future if we do not act now. When the idea of global warming was first presented, it was simply a pitch to get us thinking about the idea; it was not a huge concern. As the years went on and more research was done, we realized the true dangers of global warming.
In 2012 NASA reported that the surface temperature of the earth has been rising since 1880. This was also around the time industrialization was taking place. This is no coincidence, the usage of factories and new machines on the rise means that they are emitting carbon dioxide. This leads to the rise of the temperature that NASA had recorded. Another contributing factor to why global warming is affecting us is the evidence of the sea levels rising. Because the earth is getting warmer, glaciers are melting causing the sea levels to rise.
Also, ten of the warmest years in the last century occurred in the past twelve years. This is why it has become such a big controversy in the past few years. If we are seeing evidence that global warming is taking effect, ruining the planet, why are we not taking action? This is a global problem, so should we not attempt to go green together to save the world? Should this not even be a discussion? Although we know that global warming is taking effect, the truth is that global warming is extremely expensive.
For the government to actually attempt to do something about the issue at hand it will cost them. Spending money on something that is useless to the country is not on the governments agenda at the moment. Not only is global warming expensive, but not everyone is fully on board with it. Not everyone is convinced that global warming is real. Arguing that these temperature changes are a natural part of the earth’s phases. The republican chairman of the senate environment and works committee, Jim Inhofe, compared Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.
Inhofe says “if you say the same lie over and over again, and particularly if you have the media’s support, people will believe it. ” With not everyone fully behind it, and the cost of it being extremely high, the government will not go full force with it. Say you and three of your friends want to go out to eat, but do not know where. If everyone has a vote and each picks a different location, how will you decide where to go eat? Our government is a democracy, which means that everyone gets a vote. If everyone gets a vote and everyone has a different opinion, will you and your friends ever get to eat?
Alright, your friends and you will eventually find something to eat, but how will the government resolve issues that are split down the middle? It is not as simple when you have people in the government saying we must do something about it and we need to do it now. Others arguing that it is too expensive. With the government arguing like this how will they ever find a resolution? The truth is that we cannot be a democrat when it comes to issues that are so controversial. The only thing that can be done to solve this is for.

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