Friends Can Lift You Up and Bring You Down

Published: 2021-08-08 19:55:08
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Today there’s a party at my house” These are some of the common conversations in our daily life. Friends here, friends there, friends everywhere. Life without friends is like garden without flowers. Friends are one of the most valuable possessions in life. Friends are those people who will always be with you in the ups and downs of your life. Friends help us in many ways. They always comfort us when a problem arises, which cannot be told to our parents.
Friends can be the secret ingredient for one’s success in life. They can change our life completely. It was once said by a great man that friends are those precious gems which can’t be stolen by any. But today, the meaning of friendship has changed. It seems that the one who is more resourceful, in terms of money and academics, is like a magnet which attracts friends. Sadly, no one knows that these magnets cannot hold friendship for long. The days in which friendship was based on love and affection for another is now over.
Today, the word friend is used for namesake only. If a particular person can help his friend during exams or lend money, he will be a friend for a period of time. Later on when fate brings him down, no one will be there to help him. This is just one among many of the side effects of friendship crossing the line of control. Sometimes, friends keep you distracted during class hours and this will give you a poor result in academics, thus letting down your parents who have great expectations from you.
The worst type of friendship is on Facebook. Today, Facebook serves as a death trap to many. People meet unknown persons and try to keep a relationship with them. Later on, these people can ditch you and can steal all your secrets which can be leaked throughout the world. It is rightly said that everything has an adverse effect when it exceeds the limit. So, one must be very careful while choosing friends.

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